Building a City

Innovative City Network enhances communication using Ericsson’s advanced fiber broadband solution
Building a City

As part of a managed services agreement, Swedish municipality, Hudiksvall introduces an open network broadband solution. The deal promotes economic growth and provides a wider choice of services for the end user.

When selecting a home broadband package, one of the most appealing aspects for the end user is choice. Whether in terms of price, bandwidth speed or optional services, offering a competitive bundle is imperative if service providers are to cater for varying demands and succeed in the marketplace. For Hudiksvall residents, choice was limited. Hudiksvall is a municipality with 37,000 inhabitants, however only 40 percent live centrally in the city. Due to this low population density, it became hard for commercial operators to provide competitive communications solutions in the area.

On the map

To expand and refresh its services, Hudiksvall Municipality employed Zitius, an open access network operator to transform its already established City Network. The communications operator proposed supplying a network connection to the inhabitants of the municipality. By encouraging economic growth through advanced technology the municipality is set up for future development and places Hudiksvall firmly on the map. Ericsson signed a seven-year managed services contract. This included operating the open access network and deployment of new lines and capacity as demand required. As part of this, Full Service Broadband can be introduced in individual homes.

On Demand

By investing in passive fiber-to-the-home equipment, Hudiksvall will benefit from having the most up-to-date, high quality equipment on the market which caters for growth in bandwidth speed as well as supporting the latest services. Nicklas Björn, Senior Account Manager in New Broadband Providers, Ericsson details how this project differed from a traditional broadband contract: "What is unique about this project is that it involves an open-network broadband solution which allows the end user to select services from a Service Provider (SP) of their choice. Residents will be able to choose individualized, high speed broadband services, such as high-definition IPTV and video-on-demand. This is about providing the area with a high quality infrastructure that will keep corporations and businesses in the region and support future growth."

Next Step

To take the next step in delivering a next-generation City Network, Hudiksvall Municipality required Ericsson to use existing investments in the network as well as build in new technology. Lennart Borgsten, Chief Executive Officer, Hudiksvall Municipality comments: "It is important to be positioned at the forefront of technological development in order to attract enterprises and inhabitants to the area. Together, Hudiksvall and Ericsson have created a model that works with city development across the public and private sector, investing in improving society. I think that this is private-public partnership at its best."

Smart Technology

Ericsson will manage the network until 2016. Under the agreement, Ericsson will supply and deploy EDA 1200 fiber-access switches and metro aggregation, as well as SmartEdge Multi-Service Edge Routers and core network products. The open fiber-to-the-home network solution includes switching old technology and replacing it with the latest equipment, building-out to new users and providing operation and maintenance services.

Innovative City

The City Network delivers an innovative communications environment to Hudiksvall. Apart from delivering a technically-advanced, high speed communication solution there is also the possibility to develop other kinds of services within the municipality's core activities, such as health care, information and public services.


Customer: Hudiksvall Municipality, Sweden

Customer Objective

  • Communication for all
  • Open access network
  • Encourage growth in the area

Ericsson Solution

  • Development, operation and maintenance of an open fiber-to the-home network solution
  • EDA 1200 fiber-access switches, SmartEdge Multi-Service Edge Routers and core network products
  • Managed services agreement

Customer Benefits

  • Operator-neutral infrastructure
  • Competitive and multiple service offerings
  • Social and economic development. 

Real impacts

The advanced fiber broadband solution uses the latest technology to offer the end-user higher broadband speeds and support new services, including high-definition IPTV and video-on-demand. With an open network, consumers can choose the SP that they prefer. This increases competitiveness and leads to a greater offering in individualized packages to suit differing needs.

The City Network delivers an innovative communications environment to support growth in the area for residents, businesses and enterprises as well as attract new ventures and inhabitants to the area. The model works with city development across the public and private sector, investing in improving society and expanding services within the municipality’s core activities.

Customer profile

Hudiksvall Municipality (Hudiksvalls kommun) is one of Sweden’s 290 municipalities, situated in Gävleborg County in the east of the country. Hudiksvall is a local authority area with 37,000 inhabitants, 40 percent of those live centrally in the city.

The municipality has built City Networks since 1999 and the latest investment in broadband was made in order to drive penetration with partners and encourage economic growth. Hudiksvall believes in providing communication and technology for all and the open access infrastructure meets this need.

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