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Text Messaging Centre, UK expands the scope of its enterprise messaging services
UK expands the scope of its enterprise

Already a leading provider of SMS messaging in the UK, Text Messaging Centre (TMC) can now serve customers worldwide through a partnership with Ericsson Internet Payment Exchange (IPX).

Using a fully scalable, web-based application, TMC provides user-controlled and managed web-based text messaging solutions for business. The company´s software tools and services allow organizations to control their own sending and receiving of unlimited global text messages. In addition to its web-based applications, TMC also develops a number of bespoke solutions for customers who want to integrate SMS into their enterprise communications. High profile UK-based clients include Balfour Beatty Rail, St John’s Ambulance and Citigroup Inc. 

New business

TMC uses the IPX Bulk Messaging service to send and receive SMS messages globally. With direct connections to over 220 countries and up to 20 backup channels per destination, TMC now has the reach and the reliability it needs to take its enterprise solutions to the next level.

Peter Tanner, Managing Director, TMC, UK explains why the company chose to partner with Ericsson IPX: “We evaluated a number of suppliers to find a reliable service with a broad reach. Ericsson IPX was chosen because they offer a resilient service with a valuable global footprint. This has made Ericsson a trusted messaging partner as we continue to develop our services.”

New opportunities

TMC can now reach every mobile phone in Europe and has extended its services in parts of the Middle East, Asia and Australia. IPX’s international presence and award-winning service has made it possible for TMC to send over 100 messages per second and ensure reliability.

Peter Garside, Regional IPX Manager, Ericsson explains the benefits the partnership brings: “TMC’s customers are widespread and require a service they can depend on. They need to know that their messages will be delivered securely and IPX offers global reach and a reputable service, making us the logical choice.”

TMC continues to work closely with Ericsson to develop innovative new services for its Enterprise customers. The company recently unveiled a ‘quick-fire’ SMS service which enables customers to send and receive SMS messages directly from Microsoft Outlook. The product uses a combination of Ericsson IPX SMS Bulk and SMS Long Numbers to enable recipients to reply to the sender’s Outlook inbox via SMS.


Customer: Text Messaging Centre, UK
Customer Objective

  • International reach
  • Reliable service
  • Cost-effective operations

Ericsson Solution

  • IPX Bulk Messaging
  • SMS Long Numbers

Customer Benefits

  • Extensive global reach through a single aggregator
  • Trusted name and reliable

Real impacts

SMS is now a well established method of communication in the corporate world. Many forward-thinking businesses consider SMS an invaluable tool for communicating with their audience. The typical business user wants to maximize time spent with their customer and SMS offers a cost effective and easy way to do that. Web applications, Outlook add-in and an Application Programming Interface mean users can interface with TMC's messaging service in a way that suits them.

Customer profile

TMC is the UK’s leading business messaging provider working with customers across a wide range of industries in both the public and private sector. TMC offers a fully scalable, web-based application and an array of features which have been designed specifically to make the process of using SMS as straightforward as possible for the business user.

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