Generalitat Valenciana takes emergency response operations to a higher level.

An average of 13,000 emergency response calls are managed every day in the Comunitat Valenciana region, in Spain. Each year around 7 million people are assisted by the emergency services. To ensure the optimal utilization of public safety resources, the 112 Comunitat Valenciana (112CV) requires the right decision-making processes to be in place to ensure a secure and speedy response to all its emergency calls.

Besides the operators at the 112 Center, 112CV provides the tools to ensure more than 100 external police, fire brigade, civil protection and health system agencies dispatch the right resources to an emergency. Ericsson has played a prime integrator role in ensuring that the 112CV is equipped with state-of-the-art emergency technology. It built the technology around its own core solution based on CoordCom 5.2, which integrates diverse subsystems to comply with mission critical requirements.

An integrated approach

As an incident happens and is called into the 112CV, a virtual community of the required emergency services is created. The incident is co-ordinated by the 112 center, with each emergency service accessing real-time information as the case evolves. The common Geographical Information System (GIS) positions every service in real-time, facilitating resource management.

Miguel Molla Ramos, Head of Technology at 112CV, explains how the new technology has improved incident response handling: "CoordCom encompasses all the processes involved in emergency management, from the first call taking until the final agency has finished its mission. I think it can be considered the best solution for agency co-operation and co-ordination."

Simultaneous service

The flexible end-to-end solution enables the 112CV to integrate telephone, radio and data communications. It is also able to handle national, regional and district-level operations, distributing traffic according to pre-configured patterns.

Javier Perez, Solution Integrator, Ericsson, explains why the solution is one of a kind: "What is unique in this offering is that the system provides services to multiple emergency service organizations simultaneously across the region. The solution ensures privacy for an organization and, at the same time, it allows it to share information with several organizations working on the same emergency."

There are currently 140 emergency service agencies involved with the 112CV. This means thousands of resources, including helicopters, police cars and ambulances, may need to be positioned on the map in real-time. Connecting all the emergency agencies in this way ensures better co-ordination of resources and a lower total cost of ownership for the entire region.

"All agencies are using the same language: CoordCom," says Miguel Molla Ramos. "The result is that we become quicker and more efficient and, in emergency management, that means saving lives."

Customer Objective

Develop best-in-class response by using state-of-the-art technology.

Integration with the established TETRA network used by fire, police and medical emergency services.

Operation support for the multitude of emergency response organizations involved.

Consolidation of multi-agency operation in order to deal with large incidents.

Ericsson Solution

CoordCom 5.2 is a Command & Control Communication product. It enables a flexible end-to-end solution and can be integrated into any existing communication infrastructure.

The system integrates present and future communication standards in radio transmitting, telephony and data communication into one powerful system.

Customer Benefits

Privacy policy and collaboration management provides mechanisms for information sharing and data protection.

Multi-agency communication brings substantial cost saving possibilities.

Free geographical seating ensures peak performance with less personnel and equipment.

A future proof solution.

Success Factor

Success Factor

Jesús Pinilla, Account Manager, Ericsson, explains the key success factors in this project: "It is highly rewarding to see how the right combination of processes, technology and people generates an excellent system that, in the end, helps to save lives."

User Interview

User Interview

Veronica Garcia is an Emergency Dispatcher at the 112 center. She takes incoming calls from the public and directs emergency services to the crisis situation. To help her do her job in the most efficient way, she requires a communication system that can help her get the right emergency resources to the right place in the quickest possible time.

Veronica explains how easy the technology is to use: "The system is a very useful application to work with. From the first moment you take the call, the interview plan opens immediately; you have all the sequences of questions to go through. It is good because the questions direct you to an emergency plan depending on the information the caller gives you."

"It is possible to communicate case information in real-time so that the most suitable resources – ambulance, fire engine, police – are easily found and then dispatched. The latest information on the case is available to everyone involved."

Customer profile

Located in the east of Spain, the Comunitat Valenciana region has a population of around 5 million inhabitants that regularly reaches 7 million when adding summer season tourists. Generalitat Valenciana is the regional government and 112 Comunitat Valenciana is responsible for managing all the 112 emergencies in the region.

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