Velti, UK: Instant Impact

Velti helps its customers communicate and engage with consumers around the world

As one of the world’s leading mobile advertising and marketing companies, Velti allows its customers to engage with their subscribers through mobile internet, Application to Person (A2P) messaging and applications.

To make its customers’ campaigns a success, Velti required a service that ensured it would deliver reliably and effectively. In order to deliver this solution successfully it needed a real-time communication service with high throughput. Velti also required the flexibility to incorporate different billing models and messaging types like SMS and MMS.

Keeping it simple

Velti’s mGage platform, supported by Ericsson IPX, allowed it to be flexible in its offering. Integration of Ericsson’s messaging and payment mechanisms into the mGage platform was quick and simple, meaning Velti’s customers could start seeing the benefits of engaging mobile marketing campaigns right away.

With the mGage platform, Velti effectively delivers and manages targeted marketing campaigns with cross-carrier connectivity. The platform enables reliable, real-time engagement with consumers through a range of premium services, opt-in and A2P messaging.

Velti can plan, manage and optimize mobile advertising and marketing, delivering effective and engaging campaigns for its clients, tailored specifically to each target demographic.

Eirini Lentzou, Connectivity Manager at Velti, says: “Having a messaging service with low latency is pivotal to guaranteeing our customers’ campaigns are as engaging as they can be. Without a messaging enabler like Ericsson IPX, providing this service in such a cost-effective manner would not be possible.”

The next level

Velti’s mobile marketing solutions have seen impressive levels of take-up. Firstly, it has the capacity to improve brands’ relationships with their customers. Secondly, it drives increased revenues either through improved sales or through totally new revenue streams.

The service has been such a success that Ericsson has been delivering around 2.5 million SMS messages for Velti’s UK clients each month. Peter Garside, IPX Country Manager, UK, Ericsson says: “This has been a success thanks to our relationship as a single enabler and connectivity partner to all major operators, coupled with our capacity for high volumes of messages. Velti has stringent standards when choosing a messaging partner, reflecting the quality of the brands it counts as its customers.”

Velti is completely satisfied with Ericsson IPX and the two companies are now looking into other ways of working together. Eirini Lentzou says: “There are continued discussions with Ericsson into how we can co-operate further to bring new services to our clients across numerous industries.

“Many of our clients are taking their first steps into the mobile services industry, so having the support of Ericsson, with its experience, global connections and reputation, has been a huge help.”

Going Mobile

Leading multi-channel media company A&N Media has a portfolio of some of the UK’s best loved and most popular brands. It uses Velti’s services to improve its mobile CRM and manage SMS traffic from its many promotions, puzzles and comments pages. A&N Media has also further monetized the data it has collected through its opt-in advertising programs.

With Velti’s mGage platform, A&N Media has begun offering a range of opt-in advertising campaigns and premium-SMS services tailored to its broad range of media brands, catering to more than 41 percent of the UK’s adult population.

Since roll-out, A&N has executed approximately 500 campaigns per month, reaching over 50,000 unique users. A&N’s customers are able to access a range of SMS services such as getting hints for puzzles, submitting answers for competitions and providing general feedback.

These services not only increase activity levels and engagement with consumers, but also help monetize the data collected through campaigns. Data can then be used for targeted third-party advertising and internal CRM.

A&N Media forecasts a multi-million pound revenue stream via mobile in the coming years.

Customer Objective

Produce interactive mobile services tailored to customer needs.

Effectively deliver and manage targeted marketing campaigns with cross-carrier connectivity and unrivalled experience, delivering varied and successful campaigns.

Enable reliable, real-time engagement with customers through a range of opt-in & A2P messaging and premium services.

Ericsson Solution

A single connection to customers using IPX Connectivity, Messaging and Billing Services: A2P messages direct to consumers for mobile marketing, ticketing, banking and technical support.

Customer Benefits

New and improved revenue streams and services for customers. Increased loyalty and improved customer relationships. 

Customer Profile Velti, UK

Velti is a leading global provider of mobile marketing and advertising solutions. It enables brands, advertising agencies, mobile operators and media companies to implement highly targeted, interactive and measurable campaigns by engaging consumers via their mobile devices. The company was founded in 2001 and has offices in the US, Europe and Asia.