Rogers first in Canada to upgrade its network to LTE with an Evolved Packet Core, introducing faster mobile broadband speeds.

Rogers is a leading operator in Canada, where the market is extremely competitive. It maintains its strong position by pushing innovation and introducing new technology first.

Rogers saw great opportunity in the increased demand for smartphones from consumers. In response it acted first to upgrade its network to LTE-RAN with an Evolved Packet Core (EPC), to cater for the uptake in traffic. This has enabled it to introduce faster mobile broadband speeds that will satisfy users’ thirst for data-driven services and introduce newer, more capable devices into the market before the competition.

Unique evolution

Arnold Abramowitz, Vice President, Wireless Access Networks, Rogers Canada explains what the operator was looking to achieve: “When we decided to introduce an LTE network with an Evolved Packet Core, we looked for increased efficiencies, reduced operating expenditures and to share both HSPA and LTE across the network.”

The introduction of LTE was carried out in partnership with Ericsson, who provided an end-to end solution, including services. The project was unique to Rogers and the Canadian market. In addition to an LTE dual band network and the upgrade of its current packet core nodes to an EPC, Ericsson also deployed Circuit-switched Fallback (CSFB). This enables Rogers to provide its customers with new and enhanced mobile broadband services over the LTE network, while re-using their installed base WCDMA network for voice services on LTE smartphones.

Rogers has also implemented Ericsson’s policy control solution, Service-Aware Charging and Control. This enables Rogers to manage traffic in an efficient way and generate additional revenues by providing a differentiated offering, addressing the needs and requirements of subscribers with new services in new segments.

Superior trials

Dragan Nerandzic, CTO, Ericsson Canada explains the process that led to the operator choosing Ericsson as its partner in the project: “Rogers made a very comprehensive evaluation in a trial of the Ericsson technology. The superiority of the Ericsson LTE Radio Access Network and Evolved Packet Core led to the operator choosing Ericsson to deliver the project and to provide the support needed.”

Fantastic feedback

The upgrade provides many benefits for Rogers. Having a faster and more efficient network allows the operator to offer new innovative services at a lower cost than previous generations of wireless technology. It also allows Rogers to provide an enhanced experience to the consumer with services such as online gaming, video streaming and other broadband intensive applications.

Nikos Katinakis, VP Network amp; ITS, Strategy amp; Technology Development, Rogers Canada talks about the positive response from customers about their experience: “The feedback that we have been receiving from the LTE launch has been fantastic. As we read the blogs from what we perceive to be independent users, they seem to be ecstatic with the high speeds and low latency they see.”

Leading experience

Rogers and Ericsson have a strong relationship spanning over 20 years and a proven track record in successfully implementing large programs together.

Nikos Katinakis, VP Network amp; ITS, Strategy amp; Technology Development, Rogers Canada talks about the support that Ericsson provided throughout the project: “The biggest strength of Ericsson in this project has been their ability to manage the end-to-end deployment. We do rely a lot on Ericsson to help us with all aspects of the deployment, and once again Ericsson came through for us and we managed to meet the timelines.”

As one of the first operators in the world to deploy CSFB for its voice offering on LTE smartphones, Rogers is already looking at the next stage in the development of its LTE network. “We’re looking at VoLTE and we’re hoping to be early in the market with that,” says Nikos. “Rogers’ business goals for the future will continue to be being first to market and being an innovative brand. LTE is the first step to support that strategy. As we look to the future upgrades of technology with LTE advanced and beyond, we are looking to the technology to support that migration in an easy to implement and easy to deploy fashion.”



Customer Objective

Offer mobile broadband speeds that satisfy subscribers and enable new data-driven services.

Showcase its role as an innovator in the market by being the first to launch LTE.

Engineer at work

Ericsson Solution

A high performance LTE-RAN network deployed in multi radio base stations RBS 6000. Upgrade of Rogers' existing Packet Core to a multi-access EPC with an end-to-end policy control, including SGSN-MME, GGSN-MPG, SAPC, SASN, HSS-FE and CUDB products. Software upgrade of MSC Server, SGSN-MME and RBS 6000 to support CSFB voice services. Microwave backhaul using MINI-LINK TN. OSS/BSS, multi-standard and multi-technology management with OSS-RC. Consultative and deployment services.

System architecture, Logic, Connections icon

Customer Benefits

Greater network performance.

Better use of the spectrum.

A reduction in capex and opex.

New revenue opportunities through end-to-end policy control for differentiated services.

Support for high quality voice services in LTE smartphones.

Reduced churn.

Easy integration

The LTE deployment into Rogers’ network touched many different technology areas. The upgrade includes LTE-RAN with multi frequencies, a complete Evolved Packet Core with end-to-end policy control and user management, microwave backhaul, Mobile Softswitch Solution and all support systems.

As well as this Rogers chose to use Ericsson’s consultative and deployment services.

Customer Profile

Rogers, Canada

Rogers Communications Inc. is a diversified Canadian communications and media company engaged in three primary lines of business.

Rogers Wireless is Canada’s largest wireless voice and data communications services provider. It serves over 9 million subscribers and is the country’s only national carrier operating on the world standard GSM, HSPA and LTE technology platforms.

Rogers Cable is a leading Canadian cable services provider, offering cable television, high-speed internet access, and telephony products for residential and business customers.

Rogers Media is Canada’s premier group of category-leading broadcast, specialty, sports, print and online media assets with businesses in radio and television broadcasting.

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