Avea, Turkey: Exceeding expectations


Service-Aware Charging and Control solution brings new and differentiated services

Avea has become a firm favorite among the youth segment, carving out a niche for itself in the competitive Turkish market. This customer base is a technology-savvy group that has grown up with mobile telecommunications. They use mobile broadband in all aspects of their daily life and expect the best performance from the network, and for Avea to offer the services that suit their needs.

Avea has made long-term investments to meet these expectations and to manage the surge in data use. As part of this program, the company decided to introduce a new policy control server platform that will enable truly innovative services. Ericsson's powerful and flexible policy control solution was chosen to increase its revenue from data traffic whilst securing the performance of applications.

Differentiation and new offerings

The increase of data use in Turkey has been very rapid," explains Ersan Senturk, Core Network Director, Avea. "Operators need the right segmentation to gain market share, and Ericsson's Service-Aware Charging and Control solution gives this differentiation and new offerings."

Atanur Aytekin, Core Network Planning Manager at Avea, outlines the implemented solution: "We are using Ericsson's Service-Aware Support Node and Service-Aware Policy Controller to categorize the traffic and decide how it should be handled in the network. The products are running on two platforms – the Ericsson SSR 8000 Family, and Ericsson Blade System. We selected them because they are truly flexible and powerful, and our high capacity demands have been met."

The new, future-proof solution will increase capacity by approximately 90 percent, freeing up resources in the policy control server. Using the Ericsson Blade System platform for both the Service-Aware Policy Controller and the SGSN-MME creates a common working environment for operation and maintenance staff, and facilitates spare part management. This brings significant capex and opex savings, which will increase as Avea introduces other products and applications from Ericsson on the Ericsson Blade System and SSR 8000 Family platforms.

Tailored data packages

This project was the first migration of Ericsson's policy control server to the new Ericsson Blade System platform.

But what does this mean for subscribers? Avea will be able to introduce new services so its subscribers can tailor their data packages to suit their lifestyle. This enables the operator to become a differentiator in a hugely competitive market. Ersan Senturk, Core Network Director, Avea explains what the company is offering: "The services that we have launched so far are quality-of-service packages, time of day policies, mobile TV offerings and bill shock prevention. This year we are planning to focus on end-to-end quality of service and dynamic charging policies."

With a wide range of services available and more planned for the future, Avea is taking important steps to maintain its position, and to become even more competitive. This is a great opportunity says Richard Carter, Head of Customer Unit Turkey & Iran, Ericsson: "With Ericsson Service-Aware Charging and Control, Avea has the opportunity to increase the loyalty of its existing customers, which is fantastic, but on top of that it gives them the chance to grab new customers from the marketplace, and capture an even larger market share, and lastly, perhaps even more important, develop new services."

Professional approach

Avea chose Ericsson because it offered a highly flexible and powerful solution, but also because it had strong competence and experience in systems integration. It also supported the organization in the long-term with well-structured and professional project management capabilities. Atanur Aytekin elaborates further: "We wanted to have a future-proof policy control architecture in our network, with a reliable partner to get ready for the shift to LTE. According to our technical evaluation, Ericsson was the number one. We fully trusted in Ericsson and their excellence in systems integration."

Avea and Ericsson have been working together for a long time and this project has strengthened that relationship, says Ersan Senturk, Core Network Director, Avea: "The Ericsson and Avea project team worked extremely well together. The project was executed on time and there were no disturbances in the deployment and integration phase. Ericsson is not a vendor for Avea, but a business partner. I'm sure we will continue this partnership in the future."


Offer differentiated services.

Secure performance of services.

Increase revenue from data traffic.


Ericsson Service-Aware Charging and Control solution.

Ericsson SSR 8000 Family and Ericsson Blade System platforms.

Ericsson Consulting and Systems Integration services.


Ability to launch new and innovative services.

Greater market share and increased subscriber satisfaction.

Increase in capacity as well as opex and capex savings.

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Avea is the youngest and most innovative mobile operator in Turkey. It is also the country's first and only GSM 1800 operator, with 13.7 million subscribers as of Q1 2013. The company is growing rapidly and its network reaches 98 percent of the population. For international roaming services, Avea has agreements with 664 operators in 202 countries and continues to expand in this field. Overall, Avea's vision is to use the latest technology to deliver innovative services and provide high quality user experiences.