Open Mobile first operator in Latin America to launch LTE

For Open Mobile’s end users, the launch of the LTE network means that they were the first in Puerto Rico and Latin America to have access to the full array of benefits provided by LTE technology.
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Open Mobile’s customers can count on a user experience that is ten times faster than any previous-generation technology, with several additional benefits, including mobile internet with high- speed access, uninterrupted HD video streaming, music download in seconds and video downloads in just minutes, among others.

The solution offered by Ericsson allows Open Mobile to differentiate itself from the other market competitors that offer HSPA+. Bolstered by its new technological capacities, the operator expected to add 20,000 subscribers to its customer base by the end of 2013, but has already surpassed that goal with the addition of 100,000 LTE subscribers.

Today, 80% of Open Mobile’s subscribers have data access plans, and roughly 40 to 45% of its customers own smartphones. Furthermore, close to 85% of the operator’s new sales are for plans with data.

Setting the standard

Thanks to the existing close working relationship and the high level of trust gained from previous projects, Open Mobile knew that Ericsson could deliver the project in the timeframe established with the high standards of quality required.

With Open Mobile’s LTE network in place and LTE being rolled out with other operators in the region, Ericsson has more than 50 percent share of the LTE market in Latin America. By 2018, Ericsson predicts that LTE will account for approximately 10 percent (or 90 million) of all mobile subscriptions in Latin America.

Ericsson provided Open Mobile with a robust offer with simpler pricing, ensuring the right competence from the start to clearly demonstrate Ericsson’s commitment to the operator. William Jordan, Account Manager, explained: "Ericsson’s consistently well-performing trajectory provides Open Mobile with the confidence that we are the only company that can deliver on time."

With the partnership between Ericsson and Open Mobile, implementation of the LTE network means end users in Puerto Rico are taking another step toward the Networked Society.

Customer Profile

Open Mobile

Open Mobile, the fourth largest mobile communications operator in Puerto Rico, has carved out a market niche offering end users high-quality communications with no contracts or hidden fees. The company has embarked on a new phase of growth: to continue to offer customers affordable and easy-to-use mobile communications services over the first LTE network in Latin America, a network built on Ericsson’s cutting edge technology.

This latest stage for Open Mobile follows the operator’s launch of high-speed EVDO/3G mobile internet access in 2010, which allowed the operator to offer users uninterrupted mobile service throughout Puerto Rico.