DTAC, Thailand - a radical move that paid off


2G to 3G and LTE – business transformation

Thailand’s second-largest mobile operator, dtac, asked Ericsson to transform its business and swap out the aging network equipment, enabling an upgrade from 2G to 3G and LTE. dtac faced increasing demand from both customers and regulators for better quality, capacity and services. In order to meet its business goals and maintain a leading service provider position, the company set itself the goal of building the best network in Thailand.

During the transformation Ericsson would assume full responsibility for building the updated network, operating the network to ensure a smooth integration and transition of existing subscribers with minimal interruption, and then transferring the network back to full control of the customer.

The new network was integrated with dtac’s existing IT infrastructure and BSS charging systems. With Ericsson managing operations during the transformation period, dtac also gained an important opportunity to develop competence and get its staff up to speed with the new business, IT and network requirements. The entire transformation, including swap-out, deployment, integration and competence development was completed within just 12 months, with many aspects of the solution evolving on the fly in cooperation with dtac; a process during which dtac developed a sense of both trust and confidence in Ericsson.

The full transformation of the 2G network and the 3G expansion covered 60 percent of the population, and customers were quick to note the dramatic increase in speed, capacity and service quality, speed and capacity, with very little disruption to existing traffic while the work was being carried out. In addition, the network’s carbon footprint and power consumption were both significantly reduced. Now dtac’s network is stable and ready for the future of the mobile internet. This network transformation helped dtac to substantially grow its business, while increasing customer satisfaction and preparing its operation to better manage rich data.

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The challenge

Increasing demands on capacity and quality from users and regulators. Consumers pushing for 3G services, competitors taking business.

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The solution

Swap out of the access and core network while integrating with existing business applications and managed operations during the transformation. Systems integration and learning services deployed.

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The result

Better capacity, allowing for a business transformation from voice-centric to rich data, improving customer satisfaction. Users were not impacted during the project.

Significant increases in the 3G subscriber base, device sales and mobile internet usage. Substantial growth in both the overall subscriber base and revenues. Operations costs lowered.


Customer: dtac

A wholly owned subsidiary of Total Access Communication Public Company Limited (dtac), dtac Network received the spectrum license for international mobile telecommunications in the 2.1GHz frequency band in December 2012. With about 24 million customers, dtac is the second-largest mobile operator in Thailand.