Entel Chile - solving problems before they arise, preventing the unexpected

Entel Chile operates in a rapidly growing mobile market that allows users to quickly and easily move between operators. Maintaining a fast, reliable service is key to retaining subscribers – any outage or deterioration could see users swiftly take their business elsewhere.

With smartphones and tablet usage leading to ever-increasing data volumes on mobile broadband networks, operators are under pressure to deliver faster, more reliable services to their subscribers. It’s not enough to react to outages either – more and more operators are realizing that they need to solve problems on their networks before they even happen.

To maintain a stable network environment and the loyalty of its subscribers, Entel Chile chose to call on Ericsson’s global experience.

Together, they have implemented a plan for a reliable, stable network capable of delivering a superior mobile data experience to their subscribers, at the same time as it is constantly monitored and improved.

Proactive Services has been developed by Ericsson to alert network operation center (NOC) teams when unexpected faults occur on the network. Actions can be proactively taken before a minor deviation becomes a major incident in the network.

The result of the cooperation between Entel and Ericsson is improved network performance and stability, with a 60 percent reduction of performance issues within six months leading to more satisfied subscribers.

"We were the first to implement Ericsson’s Proactive Services in Latin America. Our network is stable and our consumers are happy," says Rodrigo Orozco, Entel Chile.

The challenge

The challenge

Regulations in Chile’s mobile market mean that subscribers can quickly change operators if they’re unhappy with the service. The increasing demand for fast, reliable mobile broadband means that it’s more important than ever for operators to proactively monitor and manage their networks in order to avoid network degradations and outages.

The solution

The solution

Entel Chile and Ericsson implemented Proactive Services, ensuring continuous proactive monitoring and improvement of the network.

Prevention of critical issues from causing downtime or service degradations.

Provide a richer, higher-quality network experience to the changing and competitive marketplace.


The result

A 60 percent decrease in performance issues.

Reduced subscriber churn.

Integrated processes and operations leading to improved NOC efficiency.

Insight into where to invest in the future.

Customer profile

Entel, Chile

Entel is the leading mobile operator in Chile, with a fully converged offering spanning mobile broadband, fixed broadband and telephony.

Created in 1964 following a large earthquake, Entel’s inception was a government initiative to replace the infrastructure damaged by the disaster at the same time as improving telecom quality.

Around 20 years later the organization was privatized into separate mobile and fixed businesses, which were later brought together within the Entel brand. Throughout these developments it has remained committed to its goal of connecting the people of Chile.

Website: www.entel.cl/