Capturing the power of data analytics

Today, exciting new technological advances are transforming the way information is collected and made available. Extreme computing performance makes it possible to process millions of data records instantly and this supports the introduction of new innovations, as well as new data insights that will deliver value to businesses and create extraordinary experiences for us all.

Future research needs to keep up with the action, and we are setting the pace here at Ericsson. Through collaborative projects with industry leaders, such as 5G for industries, we can determine how real-time data analytics will bring new opportunities and greater knowledge to benefit an increasingly connected society. The possibilities throughout every industry sector are endless.

Data insights will prove invaluable. It will warn vehicles about a potential accident ahead, or an athlete about a possible muscle injury if they carry on training in a certain way. It could even provide knowledge to aid new product development, such as understanding the special requirements needed to operate smoothly in a very hot or cold climate.

Diving into deep learning

What is deep learning and what role does it play in machine intelligence? Discover Ericsson’s research in this fast-moving field, which is set to have a revolutionary effect across all industries – and learn how big data from the Networked Society can benefit society at large.  

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Solving deep data pains

Nobody ever got fired for suggesting big-data technologies. But that does not mean it cannot be painful. The challenge is not just being technically capable of analyzing huge amounts of data, but being able to expose the data analytics capabilities to domain experts who want to develop new, business relevant applications based on the information.

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Big data analytics – actionable insights for the communication service provider

Analytics-generated insights are increasingly driving successful decision-making for communication service providers (CSPs). Big data is at the core of this opportunity – but the traditional technology view of big data is not enough.

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Data analytics in action

TIM and Ericsson explore big data and 5G cloudifcation in Tuscany

We are connecting people, objects and the cloud to optimize processes, enhance safety and reduce costs in services enabled by 5G projects.

Teach anyone to learn anything

The Internet of Skills can enable anyone to become an expert. Together with Dr Mischa Dohler, Chair Professor in Wireless Communications at King's College London, we are learning how to transfer human knowledge remotely. 

Data analytics in context

5G makes a big difference to data analytics

The next ‘G’ will enable massive amounts of data to be handled in real-time, and prioritized as required. With multiple sources supplying information, a big picture of the current situation is painted – as well as an idea of what’s next.

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Data and insight are at the heart of IoT

When people, places and products are all connected, we will have access to previously unobtainable insight from the data we will be able to collect. This is when the true transformative power of IoT will be realised.

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Cloud provides unlimited access to insight

By collecting and storing data in the cloud, insight can be accessed as and when required in almost real time.

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Safe and secure data analytics

To ensure we can trust the data we receive and that it has not been manipulated in any way, all Ericsson innovations are complemented with an underlying focus on security.

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