CoCo Travel Companion

Providing peace of mind and security for children travelling alone

Although far from an ideal scenario, sometimes children need to catch a flight or train journey without the supervision of a parent or legal guardian.

Through a 100% child-friendly, user-oriented interface, the CoCo Travel Companion provides parents or guardians with important information about a child’s journey progress, including responsibility handover at key stages of the journey.

Along with the latest trip progress status, CoCo also provides entertainment for the child, ensuring their journey is not just safe, but enjoyable.

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Developed at the Ericsson Garage Eurolab, the CoCo Travel Companion was created in response to a clear and pressing need – reliable and regular updated about the safety and location of a child when travelling alone.

Rather than relying on the child to give their parents or guardians regular updates themselves, we created a solution whereby NFC chip reading, Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi and 5G all combine to provide a range of important updates and alerts, as well as providing entertainment for the child.

Security from door to door

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Let us say, for example, that a child must travel alone from one country to another to meet relatives. From the moment the child leaves their home they are supported by a chain of responsible supervisors, including airport and road transport personnel.

Each time the child reaches the next stage of the journey, NFC chip technology automatically registers the handover to a new supervisor, and informs the parents and relatives waiting at the destination. Alerts are provided if a handover does not happen as scheduled, or if the Bluetooth connection discovers CoCo is not close enough to the child.

Information and entertainment is provided to the child in their own language for the entire trip, as needed, via a child-friendly and secure interface. Once they reach the destination, the trip is recorded as successful, and the parents will receive confirmation that their child has arrived safely.

Child-friendly innovation

CoCo represents a true cocktail of groundbreaking ideas, combined to create a truly innovative solution. NFC chip authorization takes the burden of responsibility for updates away from the child, or any one person, while information and status updates are stored safely in the cloud, insuring against device memory problems.

Perhaps the most important aspect of the technology behind CoCo, however, is the child-friendly interface itself. In today’s world of cyber-threats and inappropriate content risk, children and technology are often seen as needing to be kept separate. However, CoCo is one in a range of co-created Ericsson solution that build technology around the next generation. 

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Using speech recognition and an intuitive multi-lingual interface, CoCo not only keeps a child safe and secure on the move, but also provides them with the much-needed company, attention and entertainment they lack from the absence of a parent or guardian.

Doing all of this through a combination of different cutting-edge network technologies, CoCo increases revenue for travel operators as they can save on additional human supervision, and gives families extra flexibility when planning travel for their loved ones. 

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