Making way for process automation

The commercial world is entering a new era in business process automation – one where the physical and cyber worlds converge. Benefitting the entire industrial IoT lifecycle, millions of sensors and chips will soon connect all the dots for full process automation. This brings with it ‘smart’ robots and autonomous machines capable of handling on-demand manufacturing and adjustments, and advising businesses in advance when system upgrades and repairs are required, leading to a fully connected enterprise.

We know this because we are moving machine intelligence over to the cloud, utilizing 5G and IoT. Our collaborative projects are connecting industries remotely, automatically and autonomously, and in a way that is cost and time efficient.

Working together as a swarm of intelligence, robots and machines can perform new tasks and support the evolution of the working world; this includes responsibilities that are considered monotonous and unsafe. Additionally, robots and machines from different brands will be able to communicate and cooperate – and all operations will be viewed on a collective database, helping to spot faults before they happen.

This means that future business process automation can be tailored to every industry, every factory and every workplace, facilitating a connected supply chain that works in real time.

Cognitive automation as an IoT enabler

Both ICT infrastructure and IoT application providers face unprecedented complexity challenges in terms of volume, privacy, interoperability and intelligence. Cognitive automation will be crucial to overcoming the intelligence challenge and allowing for a connected enterprise.

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Understanding knowledge management

In order to implement intelligent automation across utility, public safety, logistics, health and other domains, machines must learn to mimic human thinking. Knowledge management is key to achieving this – but what does it mean and how does 5G facilitate machine decision-making? Watch this video to see the impact of increased efficiency and complex system management in the transport domain.

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Cloud robotics: 5G paves the way for mass-market automation

Smarter than ever, modern robots can adapt to constantly changing conditions. The smart robot’s current drawback, however, is the massive amount of intelligence it needs to function correctly – resulting in complex machines and control systems – which is slowing down development cycles and hampering uptake in new sectors. Cloud robotics aims to overcome this challenge, bringing an increased level of flexibility into automated systems, and enabling robotic automation everywhere.

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Process automation in action

Zucchetti Centro Sistemi, the BioRobotics Institute and Ericsson trial 5G cloud robotics

We are exploring innovative uses for 5G cloud robotics in industry and agriculture – and Tuscany is our test bed.

CNIT, the Port of Livorno and Ericsson digitalize port operations with 5G

We are considering ways to transform seaport communications by developing a connected port in Tuscany.

Process automation in context

5G powers the robotic automation process

The 5G network will enable manufacturing tasks to be carried out by robots and autonomous machines, making the whole process more efficient, reliable and accurate.

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IoT brings unprecedented operational efficiencies

IoT adds real value to businesses. It enables them to reduce opex through automated processes and gain new insights that will help improve efficiency, such as preventative maintenance.

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Cloud brings endless expertise on-site

Manufacturing intelligence will soon be stored in the cloud, allowing the expertise to be shared and upgraded continuously.

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Safe and secure process automation

A key part of our efforts is in ensuring that business process automation is secure, and that the information provided by the smart meter or artificial labor, for example, is dependable.

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