As Europe’s population ages, more and more pressure is placed on carers and family members to ensure the comfort and safety of elderly relatives. While professional carers have the training to handle those in need of support, it is the families that cannot afford full-time care that are feeling the burn. 

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Current demographic trends will continue to put tremendous pressures on national healthcare, insurance and economic sectors in Europe. For example, it is predicted that by 2060 one out of three people in Europe will be over 65.

One of the possible solutions to the problem is the usage of ICT technologies to help elderly people maintain independence for longer, and help families provide care more effectively.

The SmartHabits project at the Ericsson Garage in Croatia aims to do just that, via a solution that gives family members and other informal caregivers the support they need to take care of their elderly relatives. 

Smart monitoring for better care

The main goal of the project is to develop an intelligent system that will answer one simple question: ‘Are my loved ones ok today?’.

By using small, unobtrusive sensors in the home, the system can learn about a person’s typical habits without invading their privacy and alert their family or caregivers if anomalous behavior is detected.

The system relies on simple equipment such as motion sensors, door and window sensors and environmental sensors, and is best suited for monitoring elderly relatives that may be in a certain risk group (such as risk of stroke) but are otherwise in good health.

Rather than an emergency or full-scale health monitoring system, SmartHabits provides reassurance and peace of mind for family members and informal caregivers, ensuring that they do not overstretch themselves and are ready whenever a serious situation does arise.

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