A true partnership

Entel reinvents its business & creates a new customer journey with Digital BSS

Delivering an agile Digital Experience

Entel set out with a vision to reinvent the consumer experience and ultimately create a business that is competitively positioned for the future. Working closely with lead solution partner Ericsson, the operator has designed and built a new customer journey whilst transforming its business with digital BSS.


The challenge

Entel’s objective has been to become the leading digital operator of Latin America. With over 16 million subscribers and a continually growing customer base, the Chilean telecommunications company realized that they needed to transform digitally in order to become a more agile organisation which puts the customer at the core of their business.

The start of their journey was based on the understanding that the changing dynamic of the future consumer base would require a new way for the business to engage and work – a business which is digital, personalized and agile. 

We choose a partner, not a vendor, to do this exciting journey with us and the one that could understand our dreams, goals and risk sharing, in the telco market arena was Ericsson.

The solution

Critical to Entel’s vision was the recognition that the business couldn’t achieve this goal with the transformation of the ‘front-end’ experience alone – it needed to be a complete business transition – to put in place the end to end tools and processes to make real the goal of delivering a truly digital, simple, ‘one-click’ business.

The newly deployed solutions enable Entel to gain leadership in customer experience, product development, fraud prevention and revenue assurance. With a new digital front and back end deployed, Entel have seen real, measurable business improvements from simplification including much faster time-to-market and better customer experience.

Seamless, lean and paperless – with a different time to market, and a better experience.

The results

Customers experience simplicity and ease in administering their accounts through the ability to find information online, compare offerings, make online purchases, and get fast and automated deliveries. They are also able to receive promotions, share shopping and usage experiences, enjoy a seamless experience, use self-care or self-provisioning solutions, and self-configure services and devices.

From a business perspective, Entel now have the necessary tools to implement streamlined business processes and automation while focusing on enhanced, personalized and simplified customer experiences.

Entel and Ericsson are having to continuously adapt through agile processes. The combination of the two companies’ strengths are in creating and focusing on the right results.

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