Bridge Alliance

Operators use global connectivity management for IoT initiatives

Regional mobile operators in Asia Pacific unite to build a unified platform for enterprises to access the global IoT ecosystem

The Challenge

Bridge Alliance is a consortium of 34 premier mobile network operators (MNOs) located throughout Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, Africa and Europe. These providers connect more than 800 million consumers and enterprises to high-quality networks on a common platform. Bridge Alliance members wanted to enter the global IoT market, but knew they would need to all work together, pooling their collective knowledge and expertise, to be successful.

The IoT ecosystem in the countries served by Bridge Alliance member operators was fragmented and different local regulations and languages created challenges. Enterprise knowledge of IoT management and deployment strategies were limited and they required connectivity partners that could provide guidance and expertise to enable their global IoT initiatives.

Bridge Alliance helps its member operators by enabling them to share knowledge and best practices across the network so that they can deliver premium IoT services to their customers wanting to overcome regional and language barriers. They also needed an experienced technology partner and platform to allow them to effectively manage connectivity for IoT devices around the world.

Enabling regional operators to be global IoT providers

Bridge Alliance enables smaller operators to gain the knowledge and capabilities of a global organization, but they needed a partner and a platform to go to the next level. CEO, Geok Chwee Ong, describes how Ericsson’s experience as a global company has helped the Bridge Alliance meet their customers’ IoT goals.

Highlights: A global collaboration

  • Bridge Alliance wanted to enable their member operators to enter the IoT marketplace and pursue new revenue opportunities
  • They knew they needed to collaborate as a unified organization to provide enterprises with consistent access to the global IoT ecosystem
  • Bridge Alliance partnered with Ericsson for its deep IoT and 5G experience in working with MNOs and enterprises around the world
  • Ericsson’s flagship IoT platform, the Ericsson IoT Accelerator, enables them to offer global connectivity management to their customers
  • Bridge Alliance customers now benefit from collaborative knowledge and capabilities to ensure the success of their IoT projects
  • With Ericsson’s global partnerships and comprehensive, intuitive cloud platform, the Bridge Alliance manages enterprise IoT deployments on a global scale

The Solution

Bridge Alliance partnered with Ericsson for its industry knowledge, global relationships and IoT platform capabilities. 

Bridge Alliance has received guidance from Ericsson based on its deep history and knowledge gained from working with enterprises and MNOs to develop successful IoT use cases. Collaboration and the sharing of information will enable Bridge Alliance to better support their member operators and empower them to help their customers increase their IoT footprints.

Ericsson IoT Accelerator allows Bridge Alliance members to connect and easily manage IoT devices anywhere in their service area, on 3G, 4G and 5G networks.

Ericsson Featured Project

Communications Service Providers and mobile network operators can give customers the power to control and track all their IoT devices and networked assets at a national, regional or global level with one unified and intuitive device connection platform. 

With access to an ecosystem of operators, Ericsson IoT Connectivity Management allows enterprises to start locally and grow globally. Learn more about Ericsson IoT Connectivity Management.

Photo of Geok Chwee Ong - CEO of Bridge Alliance
“Ericsson has been a good partner. Together with Ericsson, we have been serving our Bridge Alliance mobile operators to enable delivery of IoT across our footprint in a more seamless way.”
Geok Chwee Ong, CEO of Bridge Alliance

The Result

With Ericsson, Bridge Alliance member operators are able to offer their customers an IoT gateway to Asia and beyond. Enterprises are able to deploy IoT initiatives across multiple regions and continents.