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Solar hybrid solutions to reduce carbon footprint

MarocTel, project in Central African Republic

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Solar hybrid solutions to reduce carbon footprint


To reduce diesel utilization in rural areas.


Ericsson began a 3G modernization project with a solar hybrid solution.


Reduction in the carbon foot print, with 7.2 hours less generator runtime per day, compared to the conventional hybrid system. This is more than 7,000 liters of diesel saved per site, per year. There was also a 50 percent reduction in total yearly OPEX costs.

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Enabling internet for all

Over 40 percent of the world’s population lacks broadband internet access. The most cost-efficient way to bring people online is to leverage existing mobile network infrastructure.

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Active SDGs

Supporting sustainability goals

The highlighted sustainability goals are included in the project.

The facts: At the end of 2018, around 4.3 billion subscribers out of the world’s total population of 7.6 billion had internet access via mobile broadband technology. It is forecast that an additional 1.9 billion subscribers will have mobile broadband internet access by 2024.

– Extract from the Ericsson Mobility Report, January 2019