Taking action on climate change

WWF, KTH, Future Earth, Telia Company and many other partners

Taking action on climate change


To establish a plan for reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent every 10 years, to meet the Paris Agreement.


The Exponential Climate Action Roadmap charts essential steps to 2030 to catalyze action at the speed and scale now required to combat climate change.


This research demonstrates how technology can be a game changer in the reduction of carbon emissions. It shows how ICT can enable emissions reductions across many sectors and industries.

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Exponential Climate Action Roadmap

Halving greenhouse gas emissions by 2030: the Roadmap shows what’s needed in each sector. The digital revolution and market forces poised to drive economic transformation away from fossil fuels, but not without the right policy mix and bold climate leadership.

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Global goals

Supporting the Sustainable Development Goals

The highlighted Sustainable Development Goals are included in the project.

"As a sustainability pioneer in the private-sector, we have been both an advocate of climate action and investing in research and development of climate solutions. We understand the urgency for action. We believe leveraging new technology, such as digitalization and 5G, will be fundamental to reduce carbon emissions by half every decade i.e. meet the Carbon Law. As a company, we have cut our own emissions by 50% and are working to meet further reduction targets. We have demonstrated solutions that help make it possible and now other companies and policy-makers must join the quest for broader adoption of solutions to enable exponential reduction of carbon emissions globally."

- Börje Ekholm, CEO and President Ericsson