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IoT network to measure air quality

In partnership with Entel, Centro Mario Molina, Scania and Volvo, Chile

IoT network to measure air quality


The geographical location of Chile, surrounded by hills and mountain ranges, and the high fire levels have contributed on increasing air contamination and environmental emergency.  


Narrow-band IoT  and Cat-M1 technology deployed for measuring air quality, with sensors distributed in trucks and busses, giving real time data and information about remote and unmeasured regions together with mobility.


Lays foundation for a more precise air quality information generating predictive models to reduce emissions and environmental impact in Chile​. 

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Entel, Ericsson, Centro Mario Molina, Scania and Volvo, Chile

In November 2019, together with Centro Mario Molina, ENTEL, Ericsson launched the first experimental air quality network using 4,5G technologies. Normally an area is monitored using a fixed sensor, but in Chile for the first time, one sensor in movement can monitor thousands of kilometers along a path.This challenge was a success thanks to the trucks provided by Scania and Transporte Ricardo Concha as well as buses provided by Volvo and Subus.

This is a perfect example on how partnerships across sectors and expertise areas can enable us to accelerate the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. This, of course, is a critical demand of the exponential roadmap to halve emissions by 2030.

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Sustainable development goals

Supporting the Sustainable Development Goals

The highlighted Sustainable Development Goals are included in the project.