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Elisa’s journey to CI/CD

Elisa’s journey to CI/CD

Customer case

5G is happening, but how ready are Communication Service Providers (CSP’s) to operate dynamic, cloud-native 5G networks at scale?

5G networks will demand faster software lifecycle management (LCM) for deploying new and updated software and products on demand. Adopting DevOps principles through continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) is key to this, also incurring significant changes in tools, culture and ways of working.

Elisa is one of the first service providers to launch 5G, and they’re also pioneering telecoms DevOps – where vendors are responsible for ‘Dev’ and operators for ‘Ops’. With customers in Finland and Estonia, the company has a long and ambitious history of digital transformation, including a strong emphasis on automation.

But how is Elisa succeeding with its DevOps adoption and staying ahead of competition?

Download this Elisa customer case study to learn more about business drivers, challenges, achievements and future steps on Elisa’s journey to CI/CD.

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