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Ericsson Cloud offerings

Ericsson can help you succeed in the digital industrialization through a unique combination of advanced technology, global presence and proven ability to drive transformation.

Ericsson cloud spans a wide range of areas, all the way from radio and datacenters to applications enabled by cloud. There are three main building blocks: an industrialized cloud infrastructure, the ability to operate the cloud environment efficiently and finally the possibility to transform business and capture new revenue opportunities enabled by cloud adoption.

Ability to adopt cloud and execute on it is a common problem. Ericsson provides transformation services to minimize the hurdles and risks when migrating operations to reach the full potential of cloud. Cloud transformation services are needed across the board, from cloud infrastructure to the applications enabled by cloud.

Industrialize cloud infrastructure

An infrastructure built on security, automation,  governance, and accessibility.

Operate with efficiency

Cloud transformation, management and orchestration to make operations more efficient.

Transform businesses

New opportunities enabled by cloud adoption, wider ecosystems and innovative business models.

Cloud transformation

Cloud transformation services run across all aspects; helping you in the transformation, starting from wherever you are right now in terms of technology and operations.