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Connected Vehicle Cloud – Service Innovation

Read about how the service is used by leading OEM, to increase connected vehicle services speed and quality to market

Automotive innovation

A valuable connected services program will change many times during the vehicle’s lifetime, and must not be a static service delivery. Ericsson Service Innovation offers you and your partners the tools to use continuous improvement and development for connected services, moving from a traditional waterfall process to a modern, flexible cloud workflow on a global scale that reduces time to market for new service.

What does Ericsson Service Innovation do?

Ericsson Service Innovation helps automotive manufacturers launch services in a fast and easy way. Through automotive API exposure, vehicle manufacturers can now bring vehicle services into the future.

Ericsson’s Service Innovation capability allows OEMs to connect vehicles in a secure and scalable way, and to develop and operate applications that provide backend services for vehicles and users. It is built with the needs of the development and operations teams in focus. It provides a set of services, that can be freely selected based on the different and evolving needs of the OEM. All services are built to interwork with other services developed by the OEM, delivered by public cloud or other service providers.

Around the clock

Reduce the complexity of automotive service innovation and development and seamlessly transition to global, 24/7 operations.

Global deployment

Enable developers to deploy vehicle services globally without rebuilding for different regions and cloud providers.

One platform

Reduce complexity and risk through one organization managing the connected vehicle platform and all connected vehicle services.

Ericsson Service Innovation use cases

Our Service Innovation solution focuses on several key areas to enable swift modernization as well as operation with trust, delivering world-class security, availability and scalability.

  • Clear vehicle back-end separation, well-defined API and VDS capability
  • Application development SDK to connect the vehicle
  • Cloud native application execution and management
  • Connected vehicle program support for business and operational management
  • A common operational framework for the complete solution
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