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Evolve your core network for 5G

Evolve your core network for 5G

Get to the core of 5G's potential

5G Core (5GC)

Get to the core of 5G – a cloud native dual-mode 5G Core that combines EPC and 5GC network functions into a common cloud native platform for efficient TCO and smooth migration to 5G.


What is 5G Core?

5GC is a fundamental cornerstone of 5G networks establishing reliable connectivity for end users and providing access to its services. The core domain handles a range of essential functions in the mobile network, such as connectivity and mobility management, authentication and authorization, subscriber data management and policy management.

5G Core network functions are completely software-based and designed as cloud-native, allowing higher deployment agility and flexibility on multiple cloud infrastructures. To ensure deployment flexibility and operational efficiency, cloud-native and programmable solutions are essential.

From 0 to 40 live networks – with Ericsson´s dual-mode 5G Core

Hear the story of how Ericsson’s dual-mode 5G Core grew to power over 40 live cloud-native networks with Communication Service Providers worldwide by the end of 2023.

3GPP 5G Core architecture

5GC is the new 3GPP standard for core networks defining how the core network should evolve to support the needs of 5G New Radio (NR) and the advanced use cases enabled by it. The figure below depicts the 5GC network architecture with some of its main network functions (NFs) associated to the packet core and user data management domains.

This diagram does not include all the network functions (NF) rather than focus on those that are most associated to the packet core and user data management domains.

All NFs shown in this diagram are part of Ericsson’s Cloud Core portfolio except for:

  • CHF (Ericsson’s BSS portfolio)
  • GMLC and LMF (Ericsson’s OSS portfolio)
  • (R)AN (Ericsson’s RAN portfolio)
  • AF that is a function outside CSPs’ domain
  • DN that is the data network being accessed by the UE (e.g., internet)
3GPP 5G Core architecture

Benefits of 5G SA and 5G Core

Enhance end-user experience

Achieve higher throughput and faster connections through more rapid access, lower latency, higher bit rates and reduced signaling.

Improve capabilities for new services

Enhance enterprise service offering and offer better experiences for end users through end-to-end network slicing model, enhanced QoS model, improved end-to-end security and edge computing.

Transform operations and increase service agility

Transform to a new cloud-native operating model through evolved technology, processes and ways of working. Driving step-change in software, network and service lifecycle management and agility.

A future-proof network architecture

Future proof your investment by choosing the path where standards evolution and new functional development will be focused.

The journey to cloud-native 5G Core

Plan and build

Discover the transformation to a cloud-native 5G Core. Alongside leading service providers, we share our insights to transform operations and enable agile service creation.

Find out more

Scale and evolve

Expand your core network by adding new cloud-native network functions and transform your operations by focusing on automated life cycle management and CI/CD, while creating a more efficient network.

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Innovate and empower

Discover new and enhanced network capabilities that enable differentiated connectivity offerings. Network slicing, edge computing and network exposure, open a world of opportunity.

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Why choose Ericsson?

Maximize value from your core network together with us

We strive to:

  1. Operate the best performing core network with superior service performance and TCO
  2. Transform to a cloud operating model facilitated by solutions and services
  3. Grow your business through differentiated connectivity and network APIs.

Gain deeper insights in our leadership

40+ live cloud-native networks

Frontrunners among our customers started their journey to transform to a cloud operating model facilitated by our solutions and services. We are proud that we helped more than 40 of our customers go live with a cloud-native core network already by 2023 year-end.

Watch the video

2X faster. Refresh your software at double speed

We strive to enable you to operate the best performing core network with superior service performance and TCO. Together with leading customers, we realize efficiency improvements by cutting the time for a software upgrade in half or more by using our in-service software upgrade (ISSU)

Read about TPG Telecom

30+ proof-of-concepts for 5G network slicing

We collaborate with you as a service provider to enable your business growth through differentiated connectivity and network APIs. More than 30 proof-of-concepts with leading service providers have already been completed with Ericsson core network for 5G slicing, for commercial and pre-commercial use cases.

Read about Telefonica

Recognized by our customers

Telefónica Germany and Ericsson

Recognizing the value and opportunity presented by cloud native and 5G SA, Telefónica Germany took the decision to replace its Packet Core network, selecting Ericsson as the partner for the project.

“We have implemented Ericsson’s dual-mode 5G Core solution for 45 million customers, while implementing network slicing in parallel as a new business opportunity.”


Read case

Cloud-native is a reality

Implementation of a full cloud-native dual-mode 5G Core for 45 million customers.

A successful launch

Launch of 5G SA and a futureproof network open for innovation and new services.

The future network is automated

Transformation towards cloud-native operations (DevOps) and automation of deployment and in-life process (CI/CD).


BT | A journey toward a 5G Core | Case

Learn how BT in UK leaped directly from physical to cloud-native architecture on the journey toward a 5G Core. All while successfully maintaining and improving service quality during the migration.

SK Telecom | World-first bare-metal cloud-native 5G Core | Case

Get inspired how SK Telecom strengthened 5G network operation capabilities and flexibility, significantly improving traffic processing efficiency.

TPG Telecom | Cloud transformation with NFVI | Case

Explore how TPG Telecom has paved the way for a simplified and efficient network providing fast time to market for new offerings.

Rogers and Ericsson | Case

This is the story of how Rogers became the first operator to deploy 5G standalone services nationwide in Canada, as well as its first steps in commercializing network slicing based services.

New 5G Core capabilities

Differentiated services experience for advanced use cases

Discover the launch of our new 5G capabilities in RAN and Core that offer premium services experience, enabling CSPs to monetize differentiated 5G services. These capabilities are part of Ericsson’s 5G SA value capture/value creation journey that kicked off in 2022 with the 5G Core launch of Dynamic Network Slice Selection to support multiple tailored slices to 5G devices.


Explore use cases

Ericsson Local Packet Gateway

Leverage the edge opportunity in virtual and hybrid private 5G networks with optimized dual-mode user plane footprint, the pre-integrated solution and secure fast time-to-service with lifecycle management.

Find out more

Securing 5G experience with software probes

Get customer centric insights from the start, to accelerate the 5G introduction without losing the focus on customer experience.

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5G network data analytics function

Streamline how core network data is produced and consumed, generate insights and take actions to enhance end-user experience.

Find out more

Recognized by industry experts


5G Network Infrastructure for Communications Service Providers, 5G core Critical Capabilities

Ericsson scored highest in the 5G Core for Consumer Business use case of the November 2023 Gartner® Critical Capabilities for 5G Network Infrastructure for Communications Service Providers, 5G core report.

Access the report


Gartner® | Leader for 5G 3rd year in a row

Ericsson was named a Leader in the 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant for 5G Network Infrastructure for Communications Service Providers report.

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Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan | Market leader 4th year in a row

Market research company, Frost Radar, ranked us as 5G market leader for the 4th year in a row.

Read the report

TM Forum

TM Forum | Exploring CSP approaches

Understand the move to 5GC and assess its impact on the telecoms industry and its customers.

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Insights and guides

Meet the 5G Core experts

They share their insights around the evolution of 5G Core networks and explains what you need to plan for when evolving your 5G Core network.

Watch the video series

5G Core network guide series

Explore more and learn how to release 5G’s full potential in your network by reading our cloud-native 5G Core guide series.

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Curious to know more?

From TCO to rollout (and everything in between) our team of 5GC experts is ready to answer your questions.

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