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Download your guide: Accelerate your core network transformation to cloud native

Here is your entry guide to deploying and evolving your 5G Core network.

Imagine if you could drive innovation and shape the future of businesses and society in your market. With good planning and an experienced partner, you can be the one who makes it Possible. This is your starting point.

A core network for 5G is more than 5G Core. The adoption of cloud-native technology and the new 5G Core architecture will impact six strategic domains of your network, each of which you will have to tackle during this transformation journey: Cloud infrastructure, 5G Core, 5G voice, automation and orchestration, operations and life cycle management, and security.

It sounds complex, right? But what if you could faster navigate the learning curve of the cloud-native transformation?

With our guide series it is possible, and in its 2.0 release it has been enriched with lots of learnings and insights from our experience deploying cloud-native 5G Core networks with pioneering 5G service providers around the world.

Get started by reading this top-story guide, and continue your journey by digging deeper into the dedicated guides for each of the six domains.

We hope you enjoy the read!

ipad cover guide accelerate your transformation of the core network