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A core network

The cloud-native 5G Core network guide series

Unleash the full potential of 5G

Explore the different topics that will support your cloud-native 5G Core network transformation.

Imagine if you could drive innovation and shape the future of businesses and society in your market. With good planning and an experienced partner, you can be the one who makes it Possible. This is your starting point.

A core network for 5G is more than 5G Core. The adoption of cloud-native technology and the new 5G Core architecture will impact six strategic domains of your network, each of which you will have to tackle during this transformation journey: Cloud infrastructure, 5G Core, 5G voice, automation and orchestration, operations and life cycle management, and security.

It sounds complex, right? But what if you could faster navigate the learning curve of the cloud-native transformation?

With our guide series you will be fully empowered to achieve this, with our 2.0 release that has been enriched with multiple learnings and insights from our experience in deploying cloud-native 5G Core networks with pioneering 5G service providers around the world.


Accelerate your core network transformation to cloud native

The time is now. Get ready to for the cloud-native transformation of your Core network. You journey starts here.

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The cloud-native transformation

Explore the key aspects of cloud-native transformation in this guide - application design principles, ways of working, management and orchestration, technology and infrastructure.

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Image of an infographic of the  5G core network

Infographic: 5G Core network 

Download an infographic of the six domains, a landscape or portrait format. 

Cloud-native infrastructure

Building a cloud-native infrastructure

In this guide we explain how to deploy cloud infrastructure optimized for cloud-native applications, as well as our experiences and recommendations in the field. 

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5G Core

Evolving from EPC to 5GC

Explore the best alternatives to evolve an existing 4G EPC network towards a 5G Core (5GC) network.

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One core - the best of two worlds

Learn how our dual-mode 5G Core solution, consisting entirely of cloud-native 5GC and EPC network functions, can optimize your journey to 5G. 

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Dual-mode 5G Core: TCO benefits

In this guide we go through three critical areas for TCO optimization when moving to 5GC. Get recommendation on actions.

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Rock-solid 5G core signaling networks

Explore how a well-designed signaling architecture will bring down opex and facilitate future growth.

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Cloud-native subscription and data management in 5G

Learn how to evolve your SDM solution to a cloud-native data storage and subscription management engine that supports multiple accesses and services across different network domains.

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Operations and life cycle management

CI/CD: continuous software for continuous change

CI/CD is the cornerstone of true digital transformation. In this guide, we share insights into life cycle management automation using CI/CD practices.

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Transforming operation on the way to 5G

Explore the operational challenges and ways to maximize operational efficiency in a cloud-native Core network, and capture the true benefits of 5G.

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Automation and orchestration

Automating and orchestrating the 5G Core network

Explore the key steps and considerations for automating and orchestrating 5G networks and services, on your journey towards zero-touch.

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Network security

Mastering complete 5G network security

Read about the end-to-end view of the security aspects and solutions needed to introduce 5G Core including standardization, product security and security products, management and operations.

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5G voice

5G voice network evolution

The voice service is an integral part of any 5G launch with 5G smartphones. Learn how to deploy it, as part of a journey to enable new and enhanced user experiences with a combination of voice services and live streaming, as well asreal-time sensitive applications, on new types of devices.

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