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Podcast: The Journey from EPC to 5G Core is key to 5G success

In this episode we talk about the core network evolution for 5G. A journey starting with the current EPC network for 4G. With 5G Core as the end game. Covering the building-blocks you can leverage on the journey. And getting perspectives on what you can combine and what a great journey can look like. Our aspiration is to provide you with an clear and easy evolution path. Even if you don’t start with a complete Ericsson core network

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North America is leading the global introduction of 5G. Creating network platforms capable of delivering on the 5G promise. The evolution of the core network is an essential part of the journey. A journey starting with the current Evolved Packet Core, EPC or 4G Core. With the 5G core as the target.

In this episode of 15 minutes with 5G you will meet Jan Häglund, head of R&D and portfolio at Ericsson in the Business Area for Digital Services. Jan offer unique perspectives on network platforms in general and is an expert on core. And as you would expect a frequent flyer across the pond.


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