Solutions tailored for the regional operator

Ericsson knows that as a regional operator, you face unique challenges, and that one size does not fit all. We gauge our partnerships with our regional carriers by one measure: our contribution must yield our customers measurable business growth, enhanced security and increased efficiency. That’s why we have designed a portfolio of products designed expressly for a regional operator’s needs.

Driving Revenue Growth

Fixed Wireless Access

Address your "last mile" needs without digging, to start generating revenue from your new users faster. Selectively expand your broadband service area to precisely where your customers are.

Media as a Service

Stay in front of consumer viewing habits—deliver TV anywhere services and monetize standalone video content with low start-up costs, via a software-defined, media-optimized platform. 

Technology Evolution

Maximize the Value of 4G

The benefits of 5G hold a tremendous amount of promise, but for many operators, 5G will not be a reality in their networks for quite a few years. However, there are many opportunities to reap further financial benefits from existing networks. Learn how Ericsson’s software-driven 5G Plug-Ins bring 5G technology concepts to today’s 4G networks. 

Finding Improved Efficiency

Fiber Optic Transport Solutions

Enhance your network transport capacities with a fiber-optic backbone for broadband delivery. Migrate to fiber and gain the capability to expand both your mobile and fixed networks.

Adaptive Inventory Solutions

Be equipped to make the best use of your resources at all times with a cloud-based adaptive inventory solution. Manage your network inventory—across all assets, technologies, and layers—from a single web-based interface.

Fixed Wireless Solutions

Reduce your deployment costs with a virtual “last mile” that does not require digging and renching. Expand your service area in a cost-effective way by targeting qualified prospects and subscribers.

Managed Services

Get support managing your day-to-day operations with a trusted partner. Take advantage of the flexibility, specialized knowledge, and savings that a reliable partner can bring to your business operations.