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See your network end to end, in real time

Ericsson Adaptive Inventory overview

Ericsson Adaptive Inventory as a Service is one of Ericsson’s Software as a Service solutions. It provides a clear, complete picture of all the assets across your network at any given moment, through a web-based software solution. Using data from a broad range of available sources, Ericsson Adaptive Inventory visualizes a complete picture of the topology of your network at any given moment—past, present and future. You gain a 360-degree view of all assets, across networks and services, even as they are in a constant state of change.

Ericsson Adaptive Inventory is able to keep up with all changes to your network, providing the insight you need throughout your fulfillment and network inventory management processes to deliver the best possible experiences to customers as you adapt to a fast-changing industry.

What is Ericsson Adaptive Inventory?

Spanning the Plan-to-Provision and Lead-to-Service ensemble of our OSS/BSS suite, Ericsson Adaptive Inventory lets you keep track of your physical and logical resources, and improve the reliability and efficiency of your operations processes—from network inventory management to fulfillment to assurance.


Get the most complete picture of your network

Adaptive Inventory as a Service gives you an accurate, 360-degree view of all assets, across all networks and services – past, present and future, even as they are in a constant state of change. Past states provide reliable data for audits, traffic and capacity trending; the present state, for provisioning and repair; and possible future states, for improved forecasting and planning. You gain a comprehensive, end-to-end view of resources and the relationships among them, and can react to business needs in real time.

Why Ericsson Adaptive Inventory as a Service?

Ericsson Adaptive Inventory plays a central role in providing a new level of automation to every aspect of your operational environment that depends on accurate inventory. It has all the flexibility and functionality to be your inventory hub, helping you make the best use of your resources and capital. With accurate, real-time data, you’ll roll out service faster, restore service outages more quickly and experience new network efficiencies as mobile data and IP-centric service delivery become more fluid. Better data leads to better decisions as you confidently predict the future-state network from an amalgam of current and proposed network plans.

Consider Ericsson Adaptive Inventory if you want to:

View all your data

View all your data. Get total past, present and future visibility of network assets and services.  

See data clearly

See data clearly. Use a single interface to view your data, even from other sources, with graphical views supplemented with more detailed tabular information.

Get exceptional data accuracy

Get exceptional data accuracy. Increase inventory data accuracy to 90% or better, and properly control the integrity of operational data associated with related tasks or projects.

Cut IT costs

Cut IT costs. Reduce your internal hardware and software costs, and ease strain on your IT staff by using our service from the cloud.

Use all your resources

Use all your resources. Recover stranded and lost assets, uncover unused capacity and keep track of how capacity is configured.