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​Bridge your resource gap with Ericsson Managed Services

Ericsson Managed Services Overview

For a player with limited resources, updating to new technologies and onboarding new skilled staff is costly or simply not viable at all.

Ericsson Managed Services helps you bridge your resource gap so you can concentrate on delivering a better experience to your customers and, in turn, creating new streams of revenue for your organization. With Ericsson Managed Services working in the background for you, you’ll level the playing field and improve your ability to compete in a rapidly changing telecom world.

Managed Services

What are Ericsson Managed Services?

Ericsson Managed Services enhance wireless and wireline operators’ ability to meet their consumers’ expectations by assuring performance, capacity and coverage of networks and services. Leveraging both global and local capabilities, we provide the full range of expert network management for:

  • Wireless and Wireline
  • Front Office/Back Office
  • Network Operations
  • Security Operations
  • OSS Operations

State-of-the-art Smart NOC

With Ericsson Managed Services, you’ll have a state-of-the-art Smart NOC operating 24/7, 365 days a year, with full redundancy, full connectivity, and a full range of services including engineering. The NOC is upgradeable at any time to an experience-centric Service Operation Center.

State-of-the-art tools

We invest in building solutions so you won’t have to. We’ll work with you to ensure that you have the best available tools for your use cases.

State-of-the-art smart people, too

Ericsson’s world-class workforce has competency in both legacy and new domains along with multi-vendor skills supporting more than 100 vendors. Our services include workload distribution and allow the reuse of SMEs. Your existing resources will be free to focus on your core business.

Why Ericsson Managed Services?


You’ll experience improved business efficiency and reduced OPEX typically in the range of 15-20%. We have also supported NOC consolidation which has generated average savings of 30-35% per year.

Improved performance and customer experience

Our globally integrated service delivery model combines the most experienced people with a powerful tools suite and processes to produce significant improvements in network and service performance. We have the unique ability to support multiple vendors.

Operators who worked with Ericsson Managed Services to improve customer experience saw customer complaints reduced by 15-20%, churn reduced by 1-3%, and Net Promoter Score improved as much as 25 points.


Ericsson pioneered managed services for telecom and has well over 15 years of experience in managing multi-vendor, multi-technology networks. We are transformation experts and have managed many efficient, effective transformations from legacy networks.

Demonstrated success

With over 300 active contracts (55 in wireline), Ericsson is a global leader in Managed Services for operators. We’ve increased the speed of FTTH rollout for customers, successfully consolidated multiple NOCs after a merger and acquisition, and completed PSTN transformations one year ahead of schedule. • 5 million TV subscribers supported (IPTV, streaming, cable) • More than 600,000 customer orders provisioned annually • More than 650,000 kilometers of fiber managed, 250 rollout projects • 9,000 legacy TDM switches managed (aging workforce problem resolved)

Customer Results:

European all-IP operator—a 25-point NPS score improvement during a managed services contract

Large U.S. operator—more than 50% reduction in provisioning time and 20-80% increase in turn-up rate for carrier Ethernet services

Asian operator—25+% decrease in access network faults and outages in the first year of operation

Large North American retail business—migration to an IP-based network for a nationwide retail organization with over 2,000 stores with no disruption