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Leverage the flexibility and efficiency of the Cloud

Ericsson’s multiple Software as a Service solutions are a great fit for Regional Operators. Each solution provides flexibility, ease of installation and economic efficiency. Many of the solutions are based on premises-based solutions that Ericsson offers to our larger customers, so these solutions allow Regional Operators to leverage Tier One services, using less complex implementation, and pricing that scales to individual operator needs.

Media as a Service

Stay in front of consumer viewing habits—deliver TV anywhere services and monetize standalone video content with low start-up costs, via a software-defined, media-optimized platform. 

Adaptive Inventory Solutions

Be equipped to make the best use of your resources at all times with a cloud-based adaptive inventory solution. Manage your network inventory—across all assets, technologies, and layers—from a single web-based interface.

Network Management as a Service

Get a common view of network resources and services across radio, transport, core, IP, NFV and SDN so you can join your network’s silos and fragments together to manage your entire network as a single unit, regardless of infrastructure and software.