Digital Telecom Customer Experience

The zero-touch customer experience

Find out about the latest trends in digital telecom customer experience and what service providers are doing to ensure a zero touch future.

The zero-touch customer experience

Are they exhausted or exhilarated by the telecom customer experience? 

How do consumers feel about their interactions with telecom service providers? The latest edition of our Ericsson Consumer and IndustryLab study gives you a view into the thoughts and reactions of approximately 7,000 smartphone users who have had recent interactions with telecom service providers. Get ready for some surprises.

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Insights from Orange Spain: A fresh approach to virtualization

Orange realized that the NFV journey was more difficult than expected and that the old way to procure networks from vendors would not be successful.​

Listen to Alexis Salas Director of Cloud & Virtualization, from Orange Spain about their key learnings in the network virtualization journey.​

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The quest for a superior digital experience

As customer journeys evolve to a zero-touch future, service providers find themselves playing a game of catch up to ensure that their customers’ needs are met with minimal effort.

However, in the quest to remain relevant to the customer, it’s not a once size fits all game. Service providers have taken different strategies to meet the needs of their customers.  In some cases, service providers have chosen to implement digital BSS for greater ease and simplicity in administering customer accounts so that customers can find information online, compare offerings, make online purchases and more. In other cases, service providers have invested in telco data analytics – for real time actionable insights into the customer journey so that they can proactively respond to the needs of the customer. 

Based on our recent study, while alternative journeys are possible, service providers should be prepared to evolve their customer journey into a zero-touch future – where interaction will be based on voice and gestures and supported by artificial intelligence. Our findings show that more than half of smartphone users expect their service providers to anticipate their needs even before they realize what they are.  The question is which service provider will get there first.

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Download the webinar to find out more from our study: The zero touch customer experience.

Big Data Analytics elevates experience - video

When you know your customers needs and behaviors, you know what you can do for them.

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