Digital Transformation Tracker: Asia

This TM Forum report assesses the state of digital transformation in Asia and includes a detailed analysis of 12 of the leading CSPs in the region.

Digital event

Market dynamics in select Asia-Pacific countries and regions

The Asia-Pacific region includes some of the most interesting and dynamic telecom markets in the world.  According to this TM Forum report, CSPs in the region are more innovative and optimistic about the future than operators in any other part of the world. 

Read about what is propelling this innovation and optimism and gain insights into these six topics: 

  1. How and why the dynamics of the Asia-Pacific market are different from other regions globally
  2. The status of fixed and mobile broadband connectivity in the Asia-Pacific region
  3. How CSPs operating in the region view digital transformation and what the biggest challenges are
  4. Financial results of leading CSPs, which lines of business they are entering and which verticals they find most promising
  5. How the rollout of 5G technology will impact business models
  6. Lessons learned about transformation at FarEasTone, Axiata Group and Telstra

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