White paper: ONAP and the Telecom Industry's Open Source Journey

With introduction of many technologies over the years, telecom networks have become complex to manage. Currently, many operators are under pressure to find ways to handle networks that have disparate Operations and Support Systems (OSS) to manage various networks. To address these challenges, the Open Networking Automation Platform (ONAP) - an open source networking project - has been formed with the objective of developing a platform for greater orchestration and automation when it comes to managing these systems. Ericsson is an active player with ONAP and playing a major role as a key contributor to code on this project.

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Download the white paper to: get a view into ONAP as a tool to solve different challenges in operations; gain insights on managing modern and legacy systems; understand how ONAP will evolve; and get a view on how the momentum for ONAP is building in telecom and other industries.