One core – the best of two worlds

Taking a dual-mode approach to core evolution

Ericsson's experience is now applied to 5G. We firmly believe in "one core" for multi-accesses and services, as well as what we call a "dual-mode 5G Core". But what do we mean by this?

This paper focuses on our dual-mode 5G Core solution and its included products. These products consist entirely of microservice-based cloud native Network Functions that deliver 5GC and 5G EPC functionalities, including support for new Service-Based Architecture (SBA). The dual-mode 5G Core solution supports 5G, 4G, 3G and 2G, enabling new network capabilities that allow you to release the full potential of new 5G-enabled use cases. This also secures a smooth migration from existing network capabilities.

Our dual-mode 5G Core is continuously enhanced, targeting your pain points. In 2020 we have launched built-in Software Probes and integrated Packet Core Firewall. All to enable new 5G use cases with efficient TCO.

Download our dual-mode 5G Core solution description today to learn more.