SD-WAN Strategies Survey Report 2019

As network operators ramp up their commercial SD-WAN activities, Light Reading/Heavy Reading and MEF share the results of their joint global SD-WAN services operator survey. The survey focuses on three key areas: orchestration for managed SD-WANs, application security, and standardization and certification.

Orchestration for Managed SD-WANs

The evolution from early single-vendor SD-WANs to multiple SD-WAN vendors and VNFs brings a new challenge to service providers: how to efficiently manage multiple vendors in their networks. Orchestration that effectively manages underlying vendor complexity is the key to the future.

 Read what operators said about:

  • The relevance of various SD-WAN deployment options for their SD-WAN strategy
  • Which SD-WAN solution model suits their plans the most
  • The importance of having a single orchestrator across SD-WAN vendors, as opposed to a separate, proprietary VNF manager per vendor
  • Expectations about using multiple SD-WAN vendors per enterprise for large enterprise customers
  • Perceived threats to their SD-WAN strategy

The report also identifies which aspects of SD-WAN standardization are most critical to service providers, and why a flexible security architecture is vital.

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