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Running networks on XaaS

Xaas - Anything as a Service

What smart service providers already know about "X as a Service".

Today, it's time for all businesses to face the realities of digital transformation. Here's what smart telecom service providers know about that transformation.

"X as a Service" refers to the concept that anything can be purchased on an "as needed" basis, including the functions that control a telecom network. Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) are the most well known members of the aaS family.

Hear Niklas Carlheim-Muller, Head of SaaS, Digital Services Ericsson explain how Saas is changing the telecom industry.

It's time to choose: DIY or XaaS?

Just to meet the fundamental demands placed on today’s network, service providers need to digitize – sooner than later. The question is whether to do it yourself (DIY) or go the XaaS route?

In reality, only a few big players in the world can do afford to do it themselves. While they retain control of processes, these service providers will pay the price of going around the learning curve on their own.

Choosing the “as a Service” path flips that equation.

With “as a Services” offerings providing regular iterations and updates of software, telecom service providers still have a major influence over the services they buy, while offloading the costs of R&D, security and optimization.

It’s time to reduce cost, risk and complexity

Arguing against XaaS-driven virtualization is like explaining to a millennial why you still have a landline. It’s a losing argument, no matter how sensible it may seem.

Sometimes, we all have to let go of something we have held dear for a long time. Turning a physical box into a piece of software is a big step, but an essential one.

Trusting in a third party to take responsibilityfor that new, virtual box is another big step to take. But these kind of big steps are needed to accelerate the digital transformation of most organizations.

It’s time to prepare for the future

Without reliable predictions, it is hard to build a business case. XaaS provides consistent pricing models which make it easier plan expansion. The “pay as you go” model also provides the flexibility to pivotand follow emerging market demands,

With a move to XaaS, service providers offload the responsibilities of security, life cycle management (LCM) and upgrades. Using XaaS, the costs related to these processes become easier to predict. With assurance of a service level agreement(SLA), performance also becomes easier to predict and promise to customers.

It’s time to overcome internal roadblocks

Any organisation has certain “status quos” related to technology, business models and ways of working. Disrupting the status quo is not easy, but it is inevitable.

Going remote is not just about rearranging the network, virtualization will gradually rearrange the business and the way it is operated. For many telecom service providers, reaching digital transformation is not achievable alone. It may not be possible to create the new services customers demand with in-house capabilities.

Buying in to XaaS takes a lot of the pressure off, with capabilities that can be added on an “as needed” basis. This allows service providers to transform rapidly, or gradually disrupt their status quo as they become more agile and flexible.

It’s time to go truly digital now with XaaS

There’s no reason to wait any longer, let’s achieve this together. Get in touch with one of our XaaS experts, who can help assess your current position, let you know what the first movers are doing, and advise on how XaaS can accelerate your transformation.

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