Unleash the power of industrial automation

Unleash the power of industrial automation

Instant, uninterrupted visibility allows businesses to take automation to new levels to help boost productivity and efficiency.

Advance operations

Business never sleeps. In a world where opportunities and threats evolve at unprecedented speeds, industrial automation helps you stay ahead. With our cellular solutions we’ll not only give you security but complete visibility and control of your assets and protection of your data.

5G and IoT are creating endless opportunities for enterprises like these:

  • Globe Tracker tracks and monitors their refrigerated shipping containers, no matter where they are globally, ensuring they arrive on time and in good condition.
  • Intragrain delivers their customers 24/7 access to stored grain data to monitor grain storage conditions and reduces spoilage.

Our Connected Enterprises report shares insights from enterprises who successfully transformed their operations and business with cellular connectivity.

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Industrial automation for visibility and control

Time to take control

Time to take control

Advanced industrial automation, enabled by cellular technology can make your assets and information work harder, with secure data management for better, more responsive control.

Real-time monitoring matters

Real-time monitoring matters

Effortlessly keep track of assets, systems and data for greater supply chain transparency and easier remote diagnostics and repair. Deliver measurable improvements to products and processes.

Improve security

Improve security

Reduce incidents and threats with advanced safety-nets that improve digital and physical workplace protection.

Featured cases

Voi's e-scooters rely on cellular connectivity

Read how they control their fleet of connected scooters worldwide, regardless of location.

Increasing supply chain visibility with IoT

Read how Globe Tracker is tracking and monitoring refrigerated shipping containers worldwide.

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