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6 considerations to achieve digital transformation success

6 considerations to achieve digital transformation success

Connected Industries - A Guide to Enterprise Digital Transformation Success

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Ericsson interviewed 25 global OEMs to understand their digitalization challenges and goals, and how cellular technology like 4G and 5G is enabling their digital transformation.

With cellular connectivity, IoT can enable entirely new business models and revenue streams.

In fact, Gartner expects that by 2022, 75% of OEMs will use their IoT products to sell new services or consumable offerings to their customers. 

In our new report, learn how cellular technology can help you optimize performance, minimize inefficiency, achieve sustainability goals, automate processes, make smart use of data and stay ahead of threats.

We’ve made it easy to understand how cellular can empower you to invent what has never been thought of before.

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The report covers:

  • How cellular technology is transforming smart metering, automotive, industrial, heavy machinery and consumer product industries
  • How companies are using cellular technology in the real world today