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smart mining image with sensors

A guide to smart mining transformation with private cellular technology

Connected Mining - Download our report

What it covers

Our report shows how to break new ground in smart mining. Ericsson, together with Komatsu, Epiroc, and Arthur D. Little examine use cases that will realize Mining 4.0 with the help of a 5G-ready network. We assess five high-value use cases: autonomous vehicles, real-time condition monitoring, remote-controlled drilling rigs, unmanned drone inspection and smart ventilation control.

A solid investment

The report shows that all the use cases pay for themselves in two to seven years, and when all five are deployed together, complete payback comes in just three years. That’s why the smart money is on smart mining.

The bedrock technology

To raise returns you need to raise connectivity. So we’ll reveal why a private cellular network is the foundation of smart mining, supplying the fast, reliable, and secure connectivity that our five use cases require to transform any mine from the ground up.

What you'll learn:

  • Why cellular technology does the heavy lifting in any smart mine.
  • The many ways smart mining will boost your productivity, cost efficiency, worker safety and sustainability level.
  • How you can realize an ROI of 207% in ten years in surface mines, and 256% ROI in underground mines.