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Connected  Car

Connected Cars

Driving disruption in the automotive industry

Reinventing how we experience automobiles

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Connected cars will drive the transformation of global wireless data networks, make it unnecessary for many to own a car at all, and radically alter transportation. Naturally, as connected cars change so much of society, automakers need to be ready for changing business models, revenue sources and ecosystems.

A new ecosystem for a new connected vehicle world

A new ecosystem for a new connected vehicle world

The automotive industry has operated on the same business model for more than a century, based on producing, selling, and servicing vehicles. Connected cars will radically change this model so individual vehicle brands will be much less important to consumers than the embedded software and services.

Vehicle diagnostics and personalization

Vehicle diagnostics and personalization

There are huge opportunities to monetize and capture value from the data generated by connected vehicles. Key areas include vehicle diagnostics and maintenance, as well as in-vehicle personalization. Being able to proactively diagnose and fix issues using data insights will enable the vehicle to handle many maintenance situations on its own, saving owners a service visit to the dealer.

Real life use cases

Real life use cases

This report presents three real business case examples and estimated ROI enabled by cellular connectivity:

  • Smart Over-the-Air (OTA) Updates
  • Connectivity and Subscription Management 
  • Highly Automated Driving

Value calculators

Calculate the value of over-the-air updates and connectivity management

Explore the financial benefits and added business value by implementing over-the-air updates to support your vehicle fleet, as well as managing connectivity and carriers/operators for large vehicle fleets. Ericsson IoT Services for Connected Vehicles makes it possible to maintain control of all your vehicles, connected to the cloud as well as to the cellular network. Calculate your potential savings and increased sales with our interactive value calculators.


Transforming Enterprises

Connectivity is roaring ahead

Cellular technology is transforming the car into a device that connects with the wider world as easily as our smartphone. The automotive brands who harness this connectivity will leave the competition behind.

Transforming Enterprises
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