Powering towards a sustainable future

Powering towards a sustainable future

What cellular IoT connectivity can do for EV charging station operations

Introducing cellular IoT to electric vehicle charging stations

As production of electricity-powered vehicles accelerates, so does the need for EV charging stations. In this case study, we explore the challenges facing EV charging companies, and how cellular IoT connectivity allows for more effective operations, maintenance, and improves customer experience, while also decreasing monitoring costs and increasing annual revenue.

Industry insights

Addressing the challenges

The EU directive is to ban production of fossil-fueled cars by 2035, forcing EV charging companies to address the challenges facing them to meet the demand. To avoid profit loss, it is crucial to figure out where the demand is. Maintenance is costly and, without the chance to address issues remotely, it takes a long time as service providers need to send personnel out.

These are a few of the problems facing EV charging companies, and cellular IoT connectivity can turn these challenges into something manageable and optimizable.

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Key insights

Lowered maintenance costs

Lowered maintenance costs

In this study, a mid-sized EV charging company saved 15% in annual monitoring costs thanks to remote monitoring, yielding roughly €1,3 million in savings.

Increased annual revenue

Increased annual revenue

Annual revenue increased by 40% due to interoperability revenue share with other EV charging providers.

Heightened security

Heightened security

Cellular IoT has built-in security protocols and encryption to protect data privacy and safety information such as authorization and payment details.

Improved customer satisfaction

Improved customer satisfaction

Remote monitoring enables faster response times to technical issues, improving uptime and customer experience – and reducing churn.

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The benefits of connected EV charging

To illustrate how cellular IoT plays a central role in connecting and orchestrating EV charging stations, Ericsson and Arthur D. Little partnered with Blue Corner, a fast-growing EV charging solution provider with a network of more than 10 000 charging points in Europe.

Read our report to learn how your business can benefit from cellular IoT connectivity, powered by Ericsson IoT Accelerator.

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Calculate the value of cellular IoT

It’s all in the numbers

To quantify the value that cellular IoT connectivity can unlock for EV charging stations, we have created a value calculator to help you add up the numbers. Give it a try and see just how much cellular IoT connectivity can help your business.

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Cellular IoT makes it possible to deploy and manage large amounts of connected EV charging stations effectively and gather real-time data insights.

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