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For businesses, knowledge is power. In a data-driven age, success depends on how much you know, and on how well you put this into action. We help you bring data to life and make it work harder to change the way decisions are made, innovations are discovered and how users experience your service.


Actionable insight: the key to success

Get more value from your data

Get more value from your data

Bring data to life and make it work harder. Aggregate, organize and manage data across your organization, with real-time analysis and visualization.

Develop insight-driven solutions

Develop insight-driven solutions

Get actionable insights across your operations. Anticipate user and market needs to develop powerful new products and business models.

Customize user experience

Customize user experience

Strengthen your customer relationships by transforming user experiences for the better, with technologies that help you develop greater personalization.

Featured cases

Using data to deliver greater value to customers

Read how Grundfos’ cellular-connected sensors relay data to allow them to predict when water pumps need repair or replacement, resulting in fewer unplanned outages and more effective maintenance.

New potential services enabled through cellular-connected data

Read how Sony’s wearable devices, that can be tracked everywhere with different cellular technologies, collect data allowing health and wellness sensor data to be transformed into actionable insights.

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