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Ericsson Enterprise – drone enhances factory efficiency with the unmatched capabilities of 5G.

Accelerate business transformation

with the unmatched capabilities of cellular

Ericsson: architects of 5G

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As drivers of 5G enterprise transformation and a global leader in this space, we partner with forward-thinking organizations to boost their performance with advanced connectivity. Across all sectors, our innovative 5G solutions enable enterprises to adapt quickly to shifting conditions, accomplish more with existing resources and keep operations resilient.



Create agility

Seize emerging opportunities, efficiently reconfigure workspaces and tailor personalized customer experiences that generate accelerated growth. Respond to change, whenever and wherever you need to.

Advance operations

The power of 5G liberates enterprises to increase flexibility, capture value from data and enhance efficiency and sustainability. Harness the game-changing potential of automated systems and intelligent processes.

Boost resilience

Future-proof cellular solutions lead to new levels of quality and efficiency. Leverage cellular technology that taps into broad ecosystem innovation, while offering greater operational security and reliability.

Our enterprise solutions

Wireless solutions


Wireless WAN

Innovate with flexibility and scalability, while achieving real-time visibility and control of your network.

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Private networks

5G technology is essential for end-to-end data protection, secure communications, and greater levels of agility.

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Communication Platform


Call center communications

Boost customer satisfaction with easy-to-manage, omni-channel tools and improve employee retention with optimized operations.

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Unified communications

Be unified for growth with communications features that enable easy, uninterrupted collaboration, while reducing complexity.

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Mission-critical networks


Empowering organizations

Secure, reliable, and resilient cellular connectivity powers quick and efficient reactions to mission-critical situations.

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Case study | 5G

Advancing 5G computer vision with Hitachi

Learn how Hitachi is leading the manufacturing industry to innovate a groundbreaking computer vision solution with Ericsson's private 5G wireless, cloud, and AI/ML models.


more components inspected at once.

The trial results showed that computer vision leveraging a private 5G wireless network and cloud technologies significantly outpaces manual inspections.


global manufacturing sites.

The trial results showed that computer vision leveraging a private 5G wireless network and cloud technologies significantly outpaces manual inspections.

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Seamless cellular technology enables more flexible factory floors, automated operations, and data-driven insights.

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Energy utilities

From connected drones to predictive maintenance, 5G connectivity is key for the future of power plants and smart grids.

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Public safety

A faster, smarter and more reliable network enhances response times, situational awareness and day-to-day efficiency.

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Industry insights

Case study

Learn how Southern Linc improved worker safety, network reliability, and business opportunities by partnering with Ericsson.

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Find out why enterprises need to be smart, agile and tech-enabled in an increasingly disruptive world.

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Press release

Ericsson enterprise wireless solutions lead to including enhanced visibility, management, security, and coverage.

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