Issue 1, 2015

Patrik Regårdh
Head of Strategic Marketing

With over one billion potential participants in the global connectivity revolution, India could define the future of the ICT industry. But just how close is India to fulfilling its digital potential?

In our new issue, we are honored to present an exclusive interview with Dr. Rahul Khullar, Chairman of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India and one of the most distinguished and outspoken personalities in global technology policy. From spectrum pricing to coverage strategies, this wide-ranging discussion covers some of the most ICT industry’s pressing issues, both in India and beyond.

Elsewhere in this issue, Sudhir Gupta explains that with digital dynamics posing unprecedented challenges to regulators around the world, a radical commitment to transparency is urgently required. Meanwhile, Amitabh Ray underlines that India’s ICT transformation is, in fact, still in its earliest stages, and summarizes the approaches that can help the country’s operators meet one of the most critical phases in their history.

Next, we consider the coming chapters in the Indian ICT story from two very different angles. V Arunkumar outlines six success factors for operators looking to tap the enormous potential of the country’s rural market, while Karan Chatrath emphasizes that building a truly smart city anywhere in the world ultimately relies on one, often-overlooked element. Smartness, he says, can never be created by flicking a switch.

Finally, Sujai Sen and Nicholas Smith uncover the real story behind India’s start-up boom. In an extensive survey of some of the country’s stand-out entrepreneurs and investors, they reveal how reality is considerably more complex than the gleaming towers of Gurgaon would suggest.

Only time will tell if India really has what it takes to become an ICT superpower. With broadband, mobility and the cloud rapidly reshaping entire industries around the world, predicting what’s next has never been harder. But for the boldest opinions, sharpest analysis and most unexpected insights in the game, Ericsson Business Review is the place to be.