Issue 2, 2015

Patrik Regårdh
Head of Strategic Marketing

From national assemblies to assembly lines, ICT is transforming society and business at a remarkable pace. And when it comes to making sense of this revolutionary change, there’s no better guide than Ericsson Business Review.

Our latest issue asks two very different thought-leaders – Volvo Cars’ CIO Klas Bendrik and the distinguished economist Daron Acemoglu – for their unique perspectives on digital transformation. Bendrik explains that companies can no longer afford to distinguish between their business and IT strategies, and presents a compelling vision of the future for the CIO role. Acemoglu, meanwhile, argues that positive transformation requires countries to build the right economic and political institutions – and technology companies to reject repression and censorship.

In addition, Omar Valdez-De-Leon argues that while a great strategy is important for operators looking to tap into transformation, it is not always enough. He says building organizational setups optimized for the digital paradigm is just as critical, and sets out an uncompromising list of relevant success factors.

Next, Chris Yeadon and Linda Austin continue their series of articles on experience-based pricing by uncovering what operators should really be selling. They underline that consumers expect greater choice, personalization and relevancy in their services, and that operators urgently need to monetize the true value of the experiences they provide.

Finally, Johan Frishammar, Manfred Dasselaar and Vinit Parida set out a blueprint that can enable the manufacturing industry to innovate and thrive in an era of digitalization and servitization. As products and services become increasingly smart, connected and integrated, it’s clear that restoring the industry to factory settings is definitely not an option.

At Ericsson Business Review, we see digital transformation as one of the most important – and complex – phenomena of our age. And unravelling the intricacies of change, while mapping out strategies for success in a rapidly evolving landscape, is what we’re all about.