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Our success is defined by how we make innovations easy to use and easy to adopt. Below are all the innovations brought to life with Ericsson ONE.

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Asta Zero

How can autonomous vehicles and connected infrastructure make our roads safer? We are exploring the future of transport with AstaZero.

Hype Labs

We're working with start-up HypeLabs to develop mesh network technology that enables IoT devices to connect – without the internet.

Mixed Reality

How do we ensure the cities of the future are built in the most sustainable way? Mixed reality has the answer.


In collaboration with SMHI we're demonstrating how existing microwave data can provide life-changing information about the weather.

Gamifying sports

We partnered with Gold Center, Eötvös Loránd University Communication Networks Laboratory and the High Speed Networks Lab at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics to introduce new games based on existing sport facilities and equipment, to improve training and fun for professionals, amateurs and hobby players.


Developed at the Ericsson Garage Eurolab, CoCo is a personal and wearable technology solution that uses NFC card authorization, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a 5G network connection to keep a child safe and entertained when travelling alone.


By applying high precision indoor positioning and cloud automation to mine security and production, our partner can run a mine at increased efficiency with a huge improvement in safety for the miners.


SEB wanted to get closer to its customers online while maintaining complete cyber-security. The cloud communication solution enabled more convenient, closer relationships while keeping data safer than ever.

Hack for good

Hack for Good is an initiative to unleash the potential of IoT to innovative technology for good, by creating an ecosystem where all partners can work and use in hackathons to come up with new real use cases and solutions.

Public transport operation

By analysing big data collected from mobile networks and public transport systems at Ericsson Garage in Budapest, we can create detailed human mobility data within a transport network and drive better optimization of public transport management.

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