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We are launching the Ericsson ONE Asia Challenge, in partnership with NUS (National University of Singapore), to partner with early stage startups and small enterprises in the Asia-Pacific region.

We invite you to submit your bold ideas in the areas of smart manufacturing, autonomous vehicles and data monetization. Winning ideas will have the opportunity to co-develop solutions with Ericsson and its partners with the goal of creating new businesses addressing real market needs.

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Prizes and Incentives

The top 3 winners will get to walk away with US $30,000 and the opportunity to build an minimum viable product and trial with Ericsson.

Other benefits include:

  • Industry exposure: Participate in knowledge sharing sessions in the form of seminars and workshops that help you better understand Ericsson, key industries – as well as learn more about the opportunities this trillion-dollar industry can offer
  • Internal incubation: Ericsson business and technology coaches will mentor and share their experiences with you
  • Secure funding: The top 10 teams will be selected for the special APAC Sharktank. 3 of the 10 ideas/teams will receive funding for development

The categories

Connected supply chain

Connected supply chain

Ericsson is seeking to grow and provide a more holistic solution in this area where connectivity will play a strong role. Your submission could focus on:

  • Cargo tracking through ubiquitous connectivity and seamless localization
    • Main connectivity via 4G/5G, NB-IoT/Cat M1 and private LTE
    • supporting connectivity via satellite
    • Seamless coverage for in the warehouse and on the move
    • Focus on device ecosystem
  • Asset condition monitoring and management
  • Monitor, anticipate and act to ensure correct handling of shipments – intelligent offerings
  • Using strategically acquired smart city data e.g. map, transportation, weather, etc. to optimize operational efficiency
  • Simplify the current device management solution and process, e.g. provisioning, due to heterogenous technology

Autonomous vehicles

Autonomous vehicles

A strong use case for mobility, we see tremendous value in this area for Ericsson and its future growth. Your submission could focus on:

  • Ubiquitous connectivity
    • Cellular/5G/LTE network to connect vehicles to network (V2N)
    • C-V2X – Cellular enabled Vehicle-to-Vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure
    • Focus on device ecosystem
  • Video data compression, processing and analysis – optimized for this domain
  • Temper proof vehicle and driving data collection
    • Help security and safety regulation agencies w.r.t. recording, auditing and accident investigation
  • Vehicle fleet management
    • Help autonomous vehicle operators to provide safer and efficient services
  • Contextual / environment data collecting, processing & delivery deployed on edge
    • HD and 3D Map
    • Transport data
    • Environment data from IoT plugin
  • Tactical assistance during driving
  • 55 percent of respondents will not consider riding in a fully autonomous vehicle, while 71 percent may consider riding in a partially autonomous vehicle
  • Self-driving cars cannot recognize construction zone worker's gesture
  • New way of doing insurance based on insights

Smart manufacturing

Smart manufacturing

This is Ericsson's entry into the industries sector where 5G and IoT are prevalent with strong use cases. We are seeking bold ideas and breakthrough solutions that leverage:

  • Ubiquitous connectivity through private LTE and mesh (BLE etc.) to connect
    • Static Assets
    • Moving assets, e.g. robots
    • Workforce
  • Environment monitors
  • Accurate indoor Localization
  • Simplify on-premise IT infrastructure by moving them to network edge
  • Use AR/VR/MR to improve productivity, e.g. training and remote support assistance
  • Optimize the efficiency using strategically acquired data


Timeline image

Overall timeline for challenge

Phase 1

Call for innovation

  • Define challenge needs
  • Publicize the Ericsson challenge through the startup networks

Phase 2


  • Knowlege-sharing session to help audience understand Ericsson and key industries/technologies
  • Design thinking workshop/seminar to support teams re-imagine Ericsson and its business

Phase 3


  • Evaluation and shortlist 10 teams for collaboration


Chris Houghton

Chris Houghton
MNEA Region
Head, Ericsson

Daniel Alexus

Daniel Alexus
Head of Ericsson
ONE Innovation,

Nunzio Mirtillo

Nunzio Mirtillo
MOAI Region

Salman Taj

Salman Taj
VP of Ericsson
ONE Innovation,

Kelvin Tan

Kelvin Tan

Frequently asked questions

The Ericsson ONE Asia Challenge (the "Challenge") is open to:

You must participate in teams of minimum 3 people and maximum of 5. Each participant is only permitted to join one team.

Each participant must individually register their participation in the Challenge and submit all the required fields before the registration closing date and time or before the registration reaches the Challenge's full capacity, whichever comes first.

You must appear in person and onsite at the Challenge venues on the Challenge dates. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to participate in the Challenge.

Each team may submit one idea only. All submissions must be original work. Any form of plagiarism or copying is not allowed and automatically disqualified. All submissions must be new. Any work that has been submitted to other competitions (whether in Singapore or overseas) or has been used for commercial purposes and/or has been published in any media will not be accepted. Ericsson shall not be responsible for entries that are lost or contain corrupted data due to whatever reasons. 

Ericsson ONE is launching a startup challenge to partner with early stage startups and small enterprises in the Asia-Pacific region.

You would need to present a working prototype at the pitching session on 22 Nov 2018. The prototype should have the key features that meet the selected business challenges. It should demonstrate these features, and not in alternative forms such as presentation slides or videos etc.

Please contact the organizing committee via email at ericssonapacchallenge@gmail.com

Terms and conditions

  1. Once funding is received, submitters must commit to working on the idea for a period of at least 12 months as it moves into incubation
  2. Upon graduation from incubation, submissions and Ericsson will draw up a commercial trial revenue share / equity agreement
  3. Once ideas have been approved and received funding, they no longer can be worked on with Ericsson competitors
  4. After incubation, if the idea fails to take off or graduate to the ignition stage, then it will be dropped and will no longer receive additional funding
  5. All submissions shortlisted need to adhere to a Non-Disclosure Agreement with Ericsson and exclusivity during the period of our collaboration and 1 year thereafter