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Ericsson Safe Work brings workplace safety into the digital age


With preventable occupational incidents and illnesses causing almost 2 million* deaths and USD 3 trillion in costs every year across the globe, smarter solutions and technologies are crucial for improving workplace safety and avoiding preventable injuries and deaths.

Ericsson Safe Work offers a streamlined, digital platform for the management and compliance of safety protocols, utilizing AI, Computer Vision and IoT technology to make the workplace safer and making compliance easier for companies.

An end-to-end safety ecosystem, making protocols more robust and efficient while keeping field workers safe in industries like telecom, mining, construction, manufacturing and energy.

Safe Work is available today for field trials for interested customers. Click on the contact us button below to learn more.

Ericsson Safe Work

Easy access on the go

A single mobile app allows easy, on-hand verification and validation of protocols for field crews and managers to ensure safety throughout the job.

Media and AI functionality

Validate that a worker is wearing the right protective equipment using self-supervised computer vision models, provide live weather alerts or activate automated Emergency Action Plans, Intelligent medical emergency routing, Site Hazard identification and Job risk assessment all in the app.

Real-time monitoring

Enable monitoring at every step, plus the option of live vital tracking (with the worker’s consent) to ensure they are fit for whatever tasks they face.

Continuous improvement

Capabilities like safety pattern recognition, automated reporting and analysis enable learning and improvement to actively prevent repeat incidents in the future.

Ericsson Safe Work


Gain access to a comprehensive workplace safety platform, featuring multi-tenant architecture, dynamic safety form creation, a powerful and scalable backend and customizable reporting and data insights.

Interested in finding out more? Connect with a team member. With self-learning and extensible AI models, you’ll have a solution you can trust to manage your safety processes and compliance, minimizing opportunities for human error. Workers will have more time to do what they do best – get the job done. Companies can greatly reduce their cost of compliance with automated AI-powered safety checks.


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The team

Vivek Gnanavelu

Vivek Gnanavelu

Head of Safe Work Incubation and CTO

Vivek is passionate about technology and has track record of leading quality E2E AI projects at scale being that are used today in Ericsson. Vivek believes that using AI to save human lives and providing better safety for workers is of paramount importance.

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Serdar Sahin

Serdar Sahin

Head of Business Ops

Serdar has a background in complex systems integrations and operations. He has been one of the first recruits in Ericsson ONE and led and coached multiple innovation projects.

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Steven Stricklan

Steven Strickland

Head of Business Development and Sales

Steven is responsible for developing and driving enterprise sales by leveraging partnerships and channels in Ericsson. He believes in taking Safe Work solutions to construction and telecom infrastructure verticals.

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Ali Awais

Ali Awais

Head of Dev Ops

Ali possesses background in consulting, software development, systems integration, and design. During his time at Ericsson, he has undertaken several automation focused initiatives and was a key member in Routes IU.

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Chris Wright

Christopher Wright

Safety Advisor and Business Development

Chris is passionate about accelerating network builds, reducing cost, and increasing delivery capabilities. He is currently leading multiple innovation programs related to safety at Ericsson.

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Modernizing safety for field workers – the origin of Ericsson Safe Work

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