Ericsson Edge Gateway - A plug-and-play 5G Edge network

In the small city of Heilongjiang province in China, people often say the sun rises there first. Ericsson Portfolio Manager, Markis Jiang was born and raised there. As light boosts creativity, it’s no surprise that he’s always looking for an opportunity to start something new. Markis is particularly interested in finding solutions to problems that are generally considered unsolvable. After years of being interested in high-tech products, he decided to join Ericsson in 2018 after working for Oracle. One year later, the idea for Ericsson Edge Gateway, a plug-and-play 5G Edge network, dawned on him. Here’s what he had to say about his latest innovation.

In one sentence, what is this new solution?

Ericsson Edge Gateway is a very simple plug-and-play network solution that allows enterprises to switch on their own 5G networks with minimal effort.

What challenges are you trying to solve with this platform?

The industrial world can benefit hugely from 5G. Businesses in manufacturing, transportation, retail, mining and many more can leverage 5G’s ultra-low latency and high speeds to make operations more efficient, lower costs and increase profit margins.

However, barriers to adopting new communication technologies are generally higher for enterprise users, and implementing and running 5G networks can come at a high price.

How does Ericsson Edge Gateway solve this challenge?

We are creating a super lightweight, plug-and-play, cost-efficient 5G network solution for industries. Ericsson Edge Gateway will provide the same user experience as setting up a WIFI connection and will be similarly priced, but the network quality will mirror that of a cellular 5G enterprise network solution.

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What’s the next step?

Product development is currently in progress and the project is going smoothly. We’ve received good feedback in terms of customer validation and have already scheduled a live customer trial. Market traction is also increasing, which is really positive and gives us great confidence in this project.

What are the main benefits of developing the project within Ericsson ONE?

“Ericsson ONE helps us build the entrepreneurial knowledge we need to succeed.”

- Markis Jiang, Ericsson Portfolio Manager at Ericsson

You will be coupled with a great coach who has a lot of energy and is very committed to the project, and helps guide it in the right direction. The funds provided enabled us to speedily and efficiently create an impactful solution. We also have access to a team of experts working on the project from different backgrounds, for example finance and security, but the most important part is that Ericsson ONE helps us build the entrepreneurial knowledge we need to succeed.

What drives you to be an intrapreneur?

Intrapreneurship means innovation, creation and the courage to break current rules to find a better way of working. This helps us understand the product and the business on a deeper level.

I enjoy building on my competencies and knowledge in different areas, including business, product, finance and entrepreneurial ways of thinking. This knowledge cannot be learned during normal daily work, but can be applied to it. But most importantly, I will always do everything I can to turn an idea that’s come from within me into a real business.

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