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What if you could transform your business and take innovative leadership in the digital industrial revolution? What if you could do it on a global scale? And what if the innovation development was made easy?

There is a storm of digital transformation going on, fuelled by technological innovation. To be the industry frontrunners in this world we should tackle the really big challenges of tomorrow. Solving them with ideas that can change the lives for millions of people and scale globally. Scaling innovations is Ericsson's legacy, creating ground-breaking technology is our DNA and we now have a secret card up our sleeve - the network.

We have spent the past years rethinking from the ground up and what used to be a highway for data is now becoming a powerful platform for innovation, sensitive to all kinds of human, industrial and environmental activity. But here's the great thing - we have just started scratching the surface for what we can do with it. Now we want to expose all our capabilities to the world and create ground-breaking innovations together.

With Ericsson ONE, we invite enterprises from around the world to meet, collaborate and explore the power of the network. By working together we can unlock new values of digitalization, cut costs, increase efficiency and security and create whole new kinds of services. By working together we can make disruption easy, enabling you to claim digital and innovative leadership. We want you, together with us, to take a step back and ask yourself - what if?

  • What if we digitize manufacturing by extending the network onto the factory floor?
  • What if we move the automotive sector forward by automating traffic control?
  • What if you connect your business with technologies where security comes built in?
  • What if we put the intelligence of robots in the network so they collaborate better?

With Ericsson ONE we are building a hub where we bring service providers, start-ups, academia, and governments together to accelerate your digital business transformation. Together we will make business models, value chains, and technology work together at a global scale.

Together, nothing is impossible.

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Developed at the Ericsson Garage Eurolab, CoCo is a personal and wearable technology solution that uses NFC card authorization, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a 5G network connection to keep a child safe and entertained when travelling alone.


By applying high precision indoor positioning and cloud automation to mine security and production, our partner can run a mine at increased efficiency with a huge improvement in safety for the miners.


SEB wanted to get closer to its customers online while maintaining complete cyber-security. The cloud communication solution enabled more convenient, closer relationships while keeping data safer than ever.