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We believe that opportunities for the telecom industry have never been greater than now. Together, we have transformed the very basis of our industry - the network. What used to be a highway for voice and data, is now a powerful platform for innovation, sensitive to all kinds of human, industrial and environmental activity – and we have just started to scratch the surface of what is possible to build on it.

You can together with us test disruptive new services and offerings in our early access program - launch coming soon! Together we can then create new services and new revenues for our industry. Growth attracts the best talents, the best ideas and the most innovative minds – all necessary ingredients for a prospering industry.

Ericsson ONE is an innovation greenhouse, designed to make exploration of disruptive technology and ideas easy and a promise to you to receive new solutions to test in the market - together pushing the boundaries of what we can do with the network.

In Ericsson ONE we bring together all components necessary to create and scale innovations. We bring the industry's largest patent portfolio with 49,000 granted patents, and a broad ecosystem of players from different industries, academia, and start-ups into Ericsson ONE. You help us with ideas, bring real world problems, market knowledge, and fresh thinking. But most importantly, we all share the same mission to bring disruptive ideas to life, make them easy to use, and propel new growth.

Keep in mind that together we have connected the planet. We built the network. Now let's step up our game and put it to some serious work.

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